Jordan Smith Agency Advocates for a Different Kind of Relationship with Home Insurance

There is no question that these can be challenging times. But the Jordan Smith Agency wants the community to understand that they do not have to put up with “being on their own” when it comes to insurance. Agency owner Jordan Smith said, “The people who contact us through, or through our other methods can at a very quick glance that we are different in the way that we function in many ways.”

As an example, appointments are available on the site for customers to schedule consultations with the company and the amount of time that each appointment will take is clearly labeled. For example, a consultation about life insurance through the “textfarmers” link will take ten minutes. “We know that our customers’ time is valuable,” Mr. Smith said.

Research has shown that customers of any business expect the people they are working with to be responsive and accountable. “We know that there is no substitute for paying attention,” Mr. Smith continued. “So, we make ourselves available and when our customers call, text, or email, we answer them.”

Timothy Kiner has been a client of the agency for many years. “I have been with Jordan’s company since I was actually a renter. Now I carry my homeowner’s insurance with them as well as my life insurance. I know I can trust Jordan to give me accurate and useful information.”

Customers who are Facebook members can contact the agency through its Facebook page at, where there is a text number to contact Mr. Smith directly which will mean that customers can experience the “next level of client interaction,” as the site says. There is information here about the services the agency offers, as well as a brief look at the philosophy that Mr. Smith holds.

For example, the agency works with clients around long-term care planning in its “30 minutes and up,” detailed discovery meetings. These look at what, if any, current plan the client has and what assets might be exposed to a potential long-term care event, if an accident happened or if a health condition requires medical attendants or other long-term care. In this meeting we will filter out all of the myths and misconceptions about the situation with regard to long term care and what happens when someone in the family were ever to have an extended nursing home stay.

The company also assists with estate planning and even income planning. Mr. Smith said, “Sometimes people think that Insurance agents want to talk their clients’ ears off, or baffle people into buying things they don’t need. The insurance lines I represent do not do that, and neither do I.”

Another thing on the firm's Facebook page that tell the tale as to who Mr. Smith is and how he runs his business is a picture of a text exchange between Mr. Jordan and a client. They thanked him for his response, even though he was just coming out of surgery. Mr. Smith said, “I don’t leave people hanging and waiting on a call or contact from me, ever. If I am conscious, I will return the contact every time.”

Mr. Smith also prides himself on his ability to complex nature of homeowner's insurance easier for people to understand. He said that he can work with and provide home insurance options to people who currently own a home or those who are making a new home purchase. “We walk them through the various options available and all the possible endorsements that they may or may not need to add to the policy,” he added. “But the key word is “need,” as I am not going to try to sell anyone anything that they do not need,” he said.

Those interested can contact Mr. Smith at this link, via telephone at (903) 247-1300, or by email to The office is located at 801 N Fredonia Longview, TX 75601.


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