John French Landscape Design Eltham VIC Gives Some Pointers as to What Makes a Good Garden Landscape Design

John French Landscape Design is an award-winning company that has been helping to create beautiful landscapes in the Eltham, Lilydale, and Yarra Valley areas of Victoria since 1981. In that time, the company has established a reputation in several key areas of landscape design including designing unique garden landscapes that make any home’s yard stand out from those around it. It’s a task that not many landscape designers always get right because of the subtle nuances that go along with this type of yard beautification planning. The fact that these landscape designers Eltham VIC are always able to satisfy their clients with their garden landscape designs is a testament to their specialist knowledge in this yard design niche. The company owner, John French, says, “One of the more difficult landscape designs for us to do are the garden landscape design projects that we take on. This is because to get them to turn out right and be easy to maintain even the little details in the project become important. Fortunately, with all of the many years of experience we have at doing this more intricate type of landscape design, we can deliver the exact type of garden landscape design that our customers had in mind when they first asked us to do the project for them. This is why I also wanted to share some important tips as to how we go about designing a garden landscape the right way.”

French went on to say that the very first thing that he focuses on when getting ready to plan a garden landscape is to recommend to my customers that they get to know their properties over several months before they commit to having a garden landscaping project done for them. The purpose of this is so they can familiarize themselves with such landscape conditions as to what areas in their yard get all-day sun and what other areas are mostly shady. This will help to determine what type of plants are suitable for planting in the different garden beds in the design. He also stated that “Good gardens don’t just happen; they’re the results of good planning combined with months of observation”. Clients should also be aware of how the water flows through their yards, where the right place is for their patio, and to consider whether or not they want to include a vegetable garden, flower beds, or water features such as a fountain or pool in their garden design. Even such landscape traits as the height of the planting beds, choosing plants that can be arranged from large to small, and where the customer feels they need some additional privacy need to be considered when making the design. The company owner says that with their experience in the field and a customer’s input on these important factors, they can create the perfect garden landscape setting every time.

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Those that have put their trust in this landscape design Eltham company to help create a beautiful looking garden landscape design for them often rave about how their landscaping projects turned out. Joanne Gibbs of East Ivanhoe stated, “Thank you for your creation in our garden. I am sure we will enjoy living with it and I promise to do my/our best to care for it.” Gloria Marais of Wallan proclaimed, “We are so grateful for you sharing your vision with us. That has made our garden one of beauty and tranquility.” David and Vicki of Sunbury expressed great satisfaction by saying, “From the first consultation to the final inspection by you the whole process has been professional and pleasurable.” Other areas of expertise that John French Landscape Design has vast amounts of experience at creating include low maintenance, swimming pool, and environmentally conscious landscape designs to go along with their construction administration and landscape architecture skills. Those that want more information as to how John French Landscape Design can help them create the perfect garden landscape design can contact them by phone or email.


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