Jianny Adamo's Self-Help Fiction Named a Kirkus Recommended Book By Kirkus Reviews

"From Love Trauma To Fearless Love: 7 Tango Steps for Breaking Free from Narcissists and Predators," authored by Jianny Adamo, a mental health counselor and Amazon best-selling author, has been named a Kirkus Reviews Recommended Book. Kirkus Reviews is a trusted book review magazine. Adamo's book blends fiction and self-help advice.

According to the review, the book is “A valuable guide to recognizing predatory behavior and surviving sexual abuse.” Kirkus Reviews is a publication that was founded in 1933 and is headquartered in New York City. The publication also awards the annual Kirkus prize to authors of fiction, non-fiction, and young reader’s literature. The publication’s thoughts on the book can be read at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/jianny-adamo/from-love-trauma-to-fearless-love/.

The book has a recent audiobook release narrated by Rebeca Ramirez. According to AudiobookReviewer.com, the book is summarized as “Powerful self-discovery through the Tango!” The review also goes on to say that “It is a powerful delivery of very important and useful information for healing. I enjoyed her creative style and look forward to more by Adamo. The book is short but very powerful and enjoyable. This is not a book that you listen to and move on quickly to the next one, it is a thought-provoking book. I thought Adamo handled the sensitive portions of the book well.” The review concludes by saying “This is a unique book that I thought was well done and highly informative; although I am a huge fan of reading books this was much more powerful as an audiobook. I look forward to hearing more from Jianny Adamo.”

Jianny Adamo also produces and hosts the Passion Unlimited Podcast, which explores themes from the book in its 4th season. The podcast focuses its attention on providing expert tips and strategies for a thriving purpose-filled life of love, intimacy, and amazing relationships. The podcast can be found at https://anchor.fm/passionunlimited. Season 5 launches in February of 2021.

Another review of the book, by BookLife Prize, says that “Adamo takes a unique approach to self-help through a narrative that focuses on an individual's struggles following the demise of a dysfunctional and abusive relationship.” The review adds that “Reading more like a novel than a work of nonfiction, From Love Trauma To Fearless Love is genuine in tone and at times lyrical.” The review goes on to say, “While the topic of escaping abuse, breaking destructive patterns, and tapping into personal resilience is often explored in the realm of self-help, the author's choice to present this work as a story is a unique one.”

According to the book’s summary, “In From Love Trauma To Fearless Love, the protagonist Elena leaves her unhappy marriage and established personal and professional life to pursue an adventure. Vulnerable, she heads straight for the arms of Cesar, a sweet and charming sociopath. Their relationship plays out his fantasies while traumatizing Elena. Blindsided and broken, Elena is left to pick up the pieces, while also unraveling a mystery from her past. In her darkest hours, Elena discovers the art of dancing the Argentine tango and brilliantly transforms betrayal into passion, powerlessness into fearlessness, and fear into faith.”

The book is divided into two sections. The first section offers seven tango lessons that are allegorical teachings on the love between a man and a woman, contrasted by a corresponding stage of loving and leaving a narcissist. The second section provides psychological insights to aid in the healing journey. Throughout the book, the author identifies, explores, and explains types of abuse leading to love and sexual trauma (PTSD), how to recognize the signs of narcissistic abuse, traits of a narcissist, and how to survive, recover, and thrive.

Jianny Adamo is the founder of Fearless Love, LLC and a licensed therapist in Florida and New Jersey. She has a MA in Counseling from Nyack College, New York, Jianny’s work on relationships and on heartbreak appear in PopSugar, YourTango, Bride, MSN, Glamour, PsychCentral, Bustle, OnMogul, and eHarmony. Adamo seeks to adapt her work into a feature film or series. She can be contacted at the email address jianny@fearesslove.net or at the phone number 561-450-5580. More details can be found on the website www.fearlesslove.net.


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