JG Beacham Electric Adds E-Vehicle Charging To List of Services

Savannah, GA - With the increasing popularity of EVs or electric vehicles, Savannah-based JG Beacham Electric adds the installation of charging stations for EVs to their list of services.

The trusted provider of Electrical Service Savannah offers competitive pricing and installation services. They install an EV charging station at residential and commercial facilities. JG Beacham Electric says they only use the best equipment and supplies from leading producers of EV chargers. The company also has qualified electricians with considerable training and expertise in installing any electric vehicle charging station.

They first evaluate the vehicle to determine its exact electrical requirements to ensure safety. Then, they check the electrical system of the owner’s facility to ensure it meets the required specifications for the charging station. The JG Beacham Electric team says there are different charging stations based on location and equipment needed.

There are three categories of residential electric vehicles. First is the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Level 1 Charging Cords for plug-in hybrids with smaller battery packs. Twice faster than the first one is the Level 2 Charging Cords, sometimes known as “240-volt” chargers. They are for overnight recharges and battery-electric cars. And lastly, the DC Fast Charging. It is high-powered, uses direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC), and is usually used in public locations

The Best Electrician Savannah emphasized that having an EV charging station at home and work offers convenience and contributes to cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions. With the specifications it requires, installation is often left to professionals.

“We understand the demand for electric vehicle charging stations is apparent. Our professionals can assist you with installing electric car chargers to keep your business or commercial property ahead of the curve. In addition, we provide turnkey installations, which means we’ll take care of everything from the initial property assessment to the final installation,” states JG Beacham Electric.

Besides installation, the company also offers service, repairs, and replacements for EV charging stations whenever they break down. Aside from electric vehicles, the family-owned and operated electrical company also offers various electrical services, including Electrical Wiring, Inspections & Repairs, Electrical Panel Installation & Repair, Lighting & Appliance Installation, Outlet Installation & Surge Protection, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Backup Generator Services, Dock and Marine Electrical, and Attic, Ceiling, & Whole-House Fans. Interested parties may visit https://jgbeachamelectric.com/ to check the complete list of their services.

“With new innovations, we are aimed to stay on top of the needs of the customer when it comes to electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and service work. It is our mission to provide exceptional quality work to our customers in residential and commercial communities,” the company says.

To inquire about JG Beacham Electric EV Charging Station Services, clients may call them at 912-598-6230 or send an email to mechelle@jgbeachamelectric.com. The electric company is located at 414 E 35th St, Savannah, GA 31401.


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