Jesse's T Shirt Store Has Launched A Collection Promoting Peace In Ukraine

Denver, Colorado -

Jesse’s T-Shirt Store has launched a new line of t-shirts that send a strong anti-war message to the Russian aggressors that are currently in the process of invading Ukraine.

The online t-shirt designer and manufacturer from Denver, Colorado, has updated its Etsy page with designs that protest the war in Ukraine with slogans such as “Stop War Stand with Ukraine”, “We Don’t Want Russian Oil and You Can’t Have Our McDonald’s Grease”, “Tow Russia Out of Ukraine and Save Humanity”, “Support Peace Support Ukraine”, and “Russian Warships Go Back No More War”.

The handmade t-shirts are available for $12 each for the small, medium, large, and XL sizes. The 2X and 3X sizes are available for $14 each. Buyers can purchase one or two units at a time. The items ship from Denver, Colorado, and the store is offering free shipping for the SKUs within the United States. The creator of the t-shirt mentions in the store listing that the proceeds from the sales of the t-shirt will be sent to the peace efforts and humanitarian efforts being carried out in Ukraine.

The founder and design lead at Jesse’s T-Shirt Store, Jesse Luginbuhl, talks about the inspiration behind the new collection by saying, “What is happening in Ukraine right now is a travesty of unprecedented proportions. Never has a European country been in this much peril due to the actions of a rogue invading nation since World War II. Peace in Ukraine is under threat due to the unchecked power of an unhinged dictator who is willing to shed barrels of blood for his expansionist ambitions in a bid to recapture the supposed lost glory of the Soviet Union, a concept that has rightfully been relegated to the ash heap of history. Here in the USA, we want to extend our support to the brave people of Ukraine who are living through this nightmare while putting on a united front daily against the opposing army. This t-shirt collection is our way of getting the word out about the atrocities that the Russian army is inflicting on the Ukrainian people. Raising awareness and getting people on this side of the world concerned about the current geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe is the only way to build pressure on our leaders so that they can take the measures necessary to dissuade Russia from continuing this senseless invasion. When you purchase any of the designs from our store, such as the “Support Ukraine Support Peace” t-shirt you are showing solidarity with the Ukrainians and their efforts to thwart the Russians’ attempts to overthrow a peaceful and thriving democratic republic.”

The gray unisex t-shirts from Jesse’s T-Shirt store are made with the use of good quality raw materials and high-quality printing processes to ensure that the designs don't fade away fast. The store’s founder says that customers can even get the designs personalized and have them mention custom text too. Customers can send the store a message even after making a purchase and it promises to look after their requirements and concerns, if possible. The store only asks buyers to check the size guide before purchasing to avoid the hassle of returns further down the road. Jesse’s T-Shirt store also offers gift wrapping and packaging services if the customer mentions while placing an order that the purchase is a gift for someone special. Buyers who want to purchase the t-shirts in bulk for protests or demonstrations or awareness or fundraising events can also request the store to provide them with wholesale buying options for customized t-shirts.

Jesse Luginbuhl says that he will gladly hear and respond to feedback from customers who want to participate in the cause and help towards creating a better product to support the humanitarian efforts that are being carried out for the people of Ukraine. The easiest way to reach out to him for inquiries and requests regarding the t-shirts is to send him an email or a message using the links on the Etsy store.


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