Jesamondo Salon & Spa Joins's Millionaire's Club

Jesamondo Salon & Spa, located in Natick, Massachusetts, and one of’s most illustrious clients, has reached the coveted distinction of joining the Millionaire’s Club, a designation reserved for businesses that reach the 7 figure ARR mark.

John from Artifact, podcasting and interviewing company, set up an interview with Matt Traiger, the owner of Jesamondo Salon and Spa to quiz him about the story behind his business and the role that We Advertise Your Business played in helping them achieve the level of success that they have today.

jesamondo millionaires club

In the interview, Matt Traiger reveals that the salon was established in 1980 and has been in business for over 41 years, 7 of which have been under Matt’s leadership when he acquired it from the original owner in 2014. The business has 22 hairstylists, three makeup artists, three nail technicians, three aestheticians, two massage therapists, and a Reiki master to round off a team of 34. The average employee has been with the business in the range of 10 to 30 years. It is one of the only salons and spas in New England where everyone who works is an employee.

Matt says that his management philosophy places importance on communication as it is essential to get a team as big as his to perform to the best of their abilities every single day. He attributes his enthusiasm for work to his love for cutting-edge technology and fresh new developments in his field such as new styling techniques, new balayage looks, new fauxliage looks, and many others.

The company believes in being aggressive in its business, a sentiment that is backed up by the measures it took to survive throughout the 2020 pandemic. The salon installed a system called Synexis, a kind of advanced infrastructure that is used in hospitals and nursing homes to disinfecting environments. It proved to be crucial to reopen the salon at its full capacity and instill trust in its clients that they could safely visit the salon without fearing the coronavirus.

The interview then focuses on Paul Kleen, and his efforts to elevate Jesamondo Salon and Spa above its competitors. Matt says that Paul helped the business set up its Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest platforms to appeal to as many of the salon’s ideal clients as possible. Paul also helped set up the salon’s Google presence that drove traffic with some clients choosing to visit the salon from as far as 40 miles away. Paul also helped Matt set up a training program that is designed to bring young hairstylists, who are just starting to build up a clientele, up to speed within a span of a handful of months instead of years.

Paul Kleen talked about the We Advertise Your Business’s contribution towards Jesamondo’s meteoric growth by saying, “We scale startups. That is what we do best. We realize that most business owners are masters of their domain and pay the utmost attention to their craft. However, to survive in the cutthroat business landscape a business needs much more than raw technical proficiency. Businesses need the flair to market themselves to reach a wider audience and then put the best foot forward when they have their target demographic’s attention. We have the knowledge and experience to help businesses grow fast and become significant players in their areas of expertise. We are the fuel that your business needs to reach astronomical heights. We applied the same principles to help Jesamondo hit $3.5M ARR since they hired us in April 2020. When you hire us, you just have to sit back as we employ the magic of our tried and true battle-tested processes. All you have to do is watch your clientele and business reach expand like never before. We got Jesamondo added to Millionaire's Club within 14 months of starting work with them. We can do the same for your business, regardless of the trade that you are in.”

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