Jefferson County Bail Bondsman Acknowledges a Recently Founded Jail Release Assistance Organization

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Bessemer, Ala. – Alabama Bail Bonds, a trusted bail bondsman in Jefferson County, is committed to doing everything they can to help inmates in need. They strive for quick releases, never charging hidden fees for their services. This month, they are acknowledging the commendable work of two University of Alabama graduates, who founded an organization called Tuscaloosa Bailout.

The current cash bailout system makes it difficult for those with low incomes to be released on bail because the cost of bail is so high. Two women, both graduates of the University of Alabama, saw this struggle and wanted to help, so they created an organization called Tuscaloosa Bailout. The purpose of this organization is to help those in the community who cannot afford bail. They have already raised over $7,000 for inmates in need, and they are working hard to raise more.

The way Tuscaloosa Bailout selects inmates to receive bail assistance is based on surveys and consent forms filled out by inmates. These forms and surveys are dispersed by volunteers from the organization and serve as criteria upon which the organization chooses recipients of assistance.

With the current pandemic, inmates are at an elevated risk of contracting the virus. In combination with the difficulty that low-income inmates face, this gives the two University of Alabama graduates their passion to do everything they can to help these inmates. Tuscaloosa Bailout accepts donations online or by check.

Alabama Bail Bonds understands the struggles that inmates face every day, especially those with low-income, so it is a pleasure for them to see the community coming together to help those in need. As a bail bonds company in Jefferson County, Alabama Bail Bonds is proud to work hard for their community, making sure each bail process they work with runs as smoothly as possible. They do not charge hidden fees, and they always strive for speedy releases. For more information regarding Alabama Bail Bonds, give them a call today at (205) 317-8388 or visit their website at


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