Jay Vics Releases Video of Meet the Experts Episode 23

Greensboro, North Carolina -

Jay Vics, owner of JVI Mobile Marketing, which is based in Greenboro, NC, and host of howto.agency’s “Meet the Experts” podcast interviewed Sandi Mitchell, owner of Hiphoparakka shoes, for podcast episode 23. Vics employs his podcast platform to interview business owners who are willing to tell their story and what got them to their current position. This is a live stream podcast that Jay Vics has been using to allow business owners to further market their brand, products and services. In episode 23, he connected with Mitchell through TikTok.

Sandi Mitchell established her company in 2013 and started with a partnership with Alive Shoes because she was able to make their shoes more affordable and this provided the business owners / suppliers the opportunity to start their company in an affordable way. Sandi’s inspiration for the brand name Hiphoparakka came from a Lil Wayne song, “Knockout.” This particular song combined hip and rock and Sandi felt that it signified a mix of cultures, which inspired her.

Hiphoparakka specializes in providing custom-made shoes that are handmade in Italy. She wants to emphasize that there is a style for everyone on her website, offering various kinds of shoes ranging from sneakers, to heels, and high-tops. She believes that expressing oneself is very important and she believes that everyone should use the opportunity provided by shoes and clothing for people to express their individuality. She points out that her biggest inspiration has been her daughter and she wants to “make her proud.”

Those who are interested in how to become a guest on the podcast and to work with an accomplished, passionate digital marketing partner can check out the howto.agency website. Vics also encourages the community to reach out if they wish to share their insight on the Meet The Experts podcasts.

Meanwhile, JVI Mobile Marketing is a comprehensive-service digital marketing agency that allows clients full control of their brand online and connect with audiences who are likely to be interested in their products or services. JVI established the Meet the Experts podcast to highlight such businesses, and they frequently invite those who would like to be featured in upcoming episodes in the future. JVI operates the howto.agency website, where interested entrepreneurs can submit an online request for an interview with Jay Vics that will be featured in the podcasts.

Jay Vics also encourages business owners to be part of the Meet the Experts podcasts. This offers several benefits to small business owners as it allows them to connect with other entrepreneurs and consumers; tell their story that allows their listeners to develop a special connection with the story and business; and receive the video and audio files that they can use for whatever purpose.

Those who are interested in learning more about Sandi Mitchell’s shoe business can visit the Hiphoparakka website and those who would like to know more about working with a passionate and experienced digital marketing company can contact JVI Mobile Marketing through the telephone or via email.


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