Jason Bassett, Suffolk County DWI Lawyer Receives Yet Another Positive Review

Suffolk County, NY – Jason Bassett a premier Suffolk County DWI lawyer, continues to build on his winning record and reputation with an additional positive client review.

Sara Grayce says: “Jason Bassett is an outstanding counselor. I worked with attorneys for more than two decades and I worked with plenty of different kinds of attorneys. When my husband and me found ourselves in a terrible situation, I did a lot of research to find us the most effective representation. Immediately, Jason set my mind at ease and I understood we made the correct decision. Jason is understanding, kind, and incredibly competent. He works hard for his client and is always there to resolve any questions and alleviate any concerns. Because of Jason, the situation was settled quickly and efficiently. We are very happy with the end result and would recommend him and Bassett Law Offices/ DWI Lawyer to everyone who may also find themselves in a challenging situation.”

Located in East Northport and with a professional service that extends to nearby towns such as Huntington, NY, Dix Hills, NY, and Deer Park, NY, the Suffolk county DWI lawyer has been successful in guiding clients through the processes and hurdles of their DWI and DUI cases. Driving while intoxicated criminal cases present some of the most intricate variables in criminal defense attorney’s practice, but Jason Bassett and his team at Bassett Law Offices | DWI Lawyer Suffolk County work hard to make certain that their criminal defense clients are properly spoken for and fairly represented.

Suffolk County DWI Lawyer

About DWI and DUI cases, Jason Bassett said: “If an accused drunk driver does not have an experienced criminal lawyer representing them, they are essentially facing the legal system alone. Without a top DWI lawyer, the driver might even be convinced they have no other choice except to plead guilty to the charges and receive the maximum sentence. However, there are other options. It is very important to speak with an experienced DUI and DWI attorney if you’ve been arrested anywhere in Suffolk County, NY.”

DWI cases are known for their complex character and require a large amount of laboriousness and skills. When handled correctly these cases can often result in a verdict of not guilty, or even in charges being dropped.

Jason Bassett goes on to explain, “Before you consider the potential impact of a conviction for Driving While Intoxicated or any other drunk driving charge can have on your life, it is important to remember that being charged and being convicted are two very different things. Under the representation of top Suffolk County DWI Lawyer Jason Bassett, many defendants have been able to beat the charges and not suffered the consequences of a conviction. This is why it’s so important to contact an experienced, local, Suffolk County DWI lawyer if you are facing a criminal felony or misdemeanor case.”

Jason Bassett and his team at Bassett Law Offices | DWI Lawyer Suffolk County, work to ensure each and every fact of a DWI case is thoroughly assessed. This includes reviews of medical and police records, a thorough review of other cases involving the defendant, researching similar legal cases in NY, and much more.

Jason Bassett and Bassett Law Offices | DWI Lawyer Suffolk County endeavors to work for their clients in a way that exceeds that of most DUI lawyers. The law office prides itself on its commitment to clients, a thoughtful and caring approach to client representation, and protecting their client's rights both in and out of the court.


To learn more about Jason Bassett and Bassett Law Offices | DWI Lawyer Suffolk County, visit the website https://jbassettlaw.com/do-i-need-a-lawyer-for-a-first-dwi-offense/


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