IV & Wellness, A Wellness Saloon in Dearborn, Missouri, Opens A New Office

IV & Wellness Saloon, specializing in vitamin therapy, botox & filler, and massage therapy, are pleased to announce that they have officially opened their doors to a new location and have mobile services. The new property will be located at 205 Main St., Dearborn, MO. 64439. The new location marks an exciting new chapter for owner and Emergency Department RN, Brooklyne LaRue, allowing the care for clients in a peaceful office environment. For clients leery of an office environment, IV & Wellness offers a full service mobile menu option. Mobile saloon trailer has offerings for weddings, corporate parties, private events including vitamin therapy, cosmetic injectables and massage therapy.

IV and wellness saloon dearborn missouri vitamin therapy massage and iv bags

The new location will allow IV & Wellness to provide the same comprehensive array of vitamin therapy IV bags and add ons, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, Arginine, L-Carnitine, and Taurine. This includes Weight Loss, Myer's Cocktail, Forever Young, Hangover Cure and more in Dearborn, Missouri.

IV & Wellness is also able to provide a comprehensive array of Botox & Filler Cosmetic Injectables. The new locations med spa provides a variety of cosmetic services such as BOTOX, Dysport and Juvederm. "Our specialists have helped countless patients achieve clearer, more radiant skin – why not let them do the same for you?" says owner operator Brooklyne LaRue.

IV and wellness saloon dearborn missouri vitamin therapy massage and iv bags

In addition to vitamin therapies, IV & Wellness, also provides massage therapy by a professional, qualified & educated licensed massage therapist in Dearborn, Missouri. Brooklyne LaRue says, "A “one size fits all” approach is not in our philosophy, and our treatment plans are developed to fit your individual needs and goals for the massage or bodywork treatment."

Find out more about IV & Wellness by visiting their membership options at https://ivandwellness.com/memberships or get in touch with Brooklyne@ivandwellness.com


For more information about IV & Wellness Saloon, contact the company here:

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