IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago Is Offering Intravenous Ketamine Therapy For Healing PTSD

IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago is Chicago’s first private facility to offer clinically proven customizable intravenous ketamine therapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and other ailments. Readers can find out more about the company by following it on its Instagram page at https://instagram.com/chicagoivsolution.

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication that was synthesized in 1962 and was approved for use as an anesthetic medication in 1970. It is a blocker of the cellular NMDA receptor, a neural receptor for glutamate that has proved to play a significant role in major depression, chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, and other ailments. Multiple randomized clinical studies over the past 15 years have shown that ketamine infusions can effectively treat major depression and treatment-resistant depression (TRD) with a success rate as high as 80%. In addition to depression, Ketamine has also been clinically proven to treat chronic neuropathic pain such as CRPS(RSD), fibromyalgia, OCD, and PTSD.

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Most patients have immediate improvement after their first or second infusion. All patients will differ in response to the treatment and will also differ in their need for maintenance infusions. Patients with suicidal or harmful thoughts are particularly high responders to ketamine infusions with over 80% having complete elimination of these thoughts after a single infusion.

Ketamine has been known to be abused but is a very safe drug when administered for anesthesia or as a treatment for depression and chronic pain. It is a Schedule III drug and should only be used and administered by a skilled licensed anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, or trained physician. The doses used for depression are much lower than those used for anesthesia and patients are monitored closely for the duration of the 45-minute infusion. There is no evidence that ketamine infusion at the low doses and frequency used to treat mood disorders leads to dependence or addiction.

The side effects of the low dose ketamine infusions are minimal and may include mild drowsiness, nausea, and increased blood pressure. Most patients feel very relaxed and free while they are receiving the infusion and these effects wear off within an hour or so afterward. The center will also routinely administer medication for the prevention of nausea. Less common side effects include vivid dreams or agitation and these can be controlled by adjusting the dosage. The center says that most patients don’t mind the relaxed and free feeling they experience during the infusion and this feeling has been postulated to be beneficial.

The center takes into account the patient’s medical history and medication list before the intravenous ketamine therapy and will consult with the patient’s primary care physician or mental health professional as needed. The center’s protocol for depression is to administer six ketamine infusions over a course of 2 weeks and then maintenance infusions as needed every month to every few months after. Each infusion will take less than one hour. For chronic pain treatment, infusions are multiple and can each last up to 4 hours.

A testimonial from a satisfied client says, “I have suffered from depression, OCD, and anxiety since I was a teenager. I’ve been seeing psychiatrists since I was 18 years old and that has helped me tremendously. However, adding ketamine to my treatment plan has been an absolute game changer and it has been the single biggest impact on my mental health. After my first treatment with Dr. Bal Nandra, the world has just looked and felt different. I no longer have suicidal thoughts and have feelings of deep peace and calmness. My view on life is now realistic and not triggered by depressive thoughts; I realize there are good days and bad days and my outlook is positive. I can truly say Dr. Bal saved my life and for that, I’m forever grateful.” Video testimonials from other patients can be viewed on the center’s Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Mn2v99tIXxmybIngZ7-Zg.

Readers who are interested in availing of the center’s clinically proven therapy for chronic pain can contact them at the phone number (844) 948-6337.


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