ITSY BABY Releases Portable Baby Changing Pad

ITSY BABY is proud to announce that they have released a portable baby changing pad that has an extra long changing mat, unisex diaper clutch, and premium quality waterproof changing clutch that make it one of the best baby changing pad's. The waterproof changing mat has been provided with extra inches for its length to accommodate bigger babies. Its waterproof surface means that it can easily be wiped clean. In addition, the wipes pockets and zipper are also water resistant to ensure ease of cleaning in case of spills.

Doris Falcon from ITSY BABY says, “With our new baby changing pad, changing diapers while on the go is now cleaner and easier. It is 25.5 inches long to ensure that it will fit newborns and even grown babies. It has also been ensured to be PVC free and made from durable and high quality materials. This portable baby changing pad has been designed to make traveling with baby much easier and more pleasant.”

This baby changing pad has been designed with traveling in mind because it has a velcro closure allowing it to be opened and folded just by using one hand. This allows mom to carry the baby in one hand while opening or folding the baby changing pad with the other hand. It is also lightweight and has a strap. The strap makes it convenient to carry or to attach it to a stroller. It has also been provided with an outer zipper pocket that can be used for personal items during travel, such as keys, mobile gadgets, and other small baby travel essentials.

Furthermore, the head section of the changing pad has been provided with a built-in soft pillow to ensure the baby is safe and comfortable while mom is changing his or her diapers. It can be used anywhere and it protects the baby from unsanitary surfaces. It also has two inner mesh pockets that can accommodate up to 50 to 70 wipes and four large diapers.

This baby changing pad can be the perfect baby shower gift because of its functional and stylish design. It has a neutral pattern to allow it to be used for baby boys or baby girls. Expecting moms and dads are likely to find this baby changing pad to be very useful.

Moms who have purchased the ITSY BABY changing pad have had highly positive things to say about this product. For instance, Susanna gave this product a five-star rating and said, “This is a wonderful changing pad. It is a cheerful yet unisex pattern, which works for moms dads and grands, plus all sexes! It has no PVC. That is very good! I love the large pockets, and the extra outside pocket-to boot! It is easily cleaned, (do not put it in the washer!) by lightly wiping it off. You can also easily store a few diapers and wipes in the different compartments of the pad, and that makes it easier than dragging a diaper bag everywhere you go! The best part is that the material it is constructed of is very high quality, and is comfy for the baby! This is a must buy for anyone going to a shower, if you want your gift to be the coolest, and if you don't get it as a gift you can always buy it for yourself! It is very affordable!”

ITSY BABY is a company whose mission is to help make the lives of parents easier. For instance, the baby changing pad will not just make it easier for moms and dads to change the baby’s diaper but it also allows them to change their baby’s diapers in public places and while traveling. Mothers know that changing the baby’s diaper is not an easy task, especially when they happen to be in a public place.

Those who would like to know more about the changing pad may want to check out the itsy baby instagram, the ITSY BABY website or their Amazon page.


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