IT Support Company Exposes Truth Behind Cyber Security Breaches

Cybersecurity continues to be an important topic as technology, and the internet continues to take on a more significant role in our lives.

Brian Brown of BCT Consulting, an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles noted he sees cyber attacks far too often. Brown continues, "data breaches have become something we've grown somewhat numb to."

Brown encourages people to take cyber security seriously. Brown openly states that he has nothing but shock when it comes to just how many data breaches are 'swept under the rug' by companies.

According to Brown, "I was looking at a report that was published showing that thousands of cyber attacks are actually successful. In fact, senior management at very large companies with heaps of data are constantly facing more and more sophisticated phishing attacks."

The Verizon Data Breach

Brian Brown references the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report in which it's noted that more than 2000 cyber breaches covering all types and sizes of organizations around the world.

The sheer number of incidents that were logged, covering spam and malware campaigns, as well as web attacks, was in the tens of thousands.

According to Brown, "these attacks are simply a time bomb that could go off at any moment, leaving valuable customer data in the hands of malicious entities." Brown adds that many of the attacks contained in the report had never been revealed to the public before.

"Data breaches take anything from seconds to minutes to happen," Brown points out. "They can remain undiscovered for minutes to months, and yet I still think it has taken too long for them to be revealed."

Brown believes that the people most susceptible to the breaches exposed in the report are senior staff at very large companies. Cybercriminals are most interested in these senior staff's login credentials as they provide high-level access to the company's systems.

Brown encourages companies to take simple steps to mitigate the risks of cyber attack. Brown encourages companies to build cyber defenses with at least five barriers or steps requiring penetration before a breach occurs. He notes that, "the majority of cybercriminals won't waste their time with that."


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