Is DIY Garage Door Repair Safe or Should a Professional Always Be Hired: Tucson Garage Door Repair Company Explains

Discount Door Service, a garage door repair company in Tucson, AZ, has released a new blog post that explains whether do-it-yourself (DIY) garage door repair is safe or whether it would be better to hire a professional to do it. The article goes into detail explaining aspects of garage door repair that the average person may not be aware of, but might want to consider before making any decisions.

Unfortunately, while a garage door may seem simple, it actually weighs hundreds of pounds and serious injuries could be incurred if something went wrong. In addition, the torsion springs that are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door are very powerful and they could cause significant injuries to a person if there is an accident.

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Melissa MacMeans, owner of Discount Door Service, explains, “The garage door spring or springs need to be wound up to counteract the weight of the garage door. Just imagine a door weighing several hundred pounds and you can get an idea of how heavy-duty and tightly wound these springs need to be to ensure that the door is balanced, and how much energy is stored in them. And just imagine if all that energy were to be released unexpectedly or in an uncontrolled manner, with any part of your body nearby.”

The injuries that could be sustained while trying to repair a garage door DIY can be so serious, they can even be fatal. This is why it is not recommended for people to try DIY garage door repair themselves. Furthermore, it is not just about installing a garage door spring properly and safely, it is also about installing the appropriate spring or springs for a particular garage door. Not all garage doors have the same height or width, and different kinds of materials may be used for the door, which means that different garage doors will have different springs. Using the wrong spring may lead to accidents or cause the spring to be easily damaged.

There are also different garage door springs that are used, such as right wound springs and left wound springs. Fortunately, there are affordable garage door repair professionals in Tucson who are knowledgeable and are experts about the appropriate springs and tools to do the job properly, ensuring that things are done in the correct order to ensure that everyone and everything remains safe.

Discount Door Service also recommends that homeowners consider garage door maintenance services to prolong the lifespan of the garage door and its various components. This will also be less costly in the long run because less repairs would be required during their lifetime. Discount Door Service, which has been in business since 1999, has sufficient experience to ensure that every aspect of the garage door will be carefully examined with the trained eyes of garage door professionals.

After carefully examining the garage door, the professionals from Discount Door Service will explain to the homeowner their suggested course of action, which may be repair or replacement. Or it may be that it may just require regular maintenance checks. For garage doors that are used regularly, they recommend to get it services at least once every year.

And when installing a garage door, they make sure to utilize top quality parts and suppliers in Tucson, including such leading brands like Wayne Dalton, Genie and LiftMaster. The quality of the materials and services they provide is attested to by previous customers who have taken the time to provide feedback. For instance, Woody R.N. gave them five stars and said, “Great company; highly recommend. Very good and prompt service; fair price with no extra fees. Eddie identified the problem with my non-functional garage door immediately and repaired it in just a few minutes. He even tightened up a few bolts that resolved some noisy popping that it had been doing for 2yrs.”

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