IOP Services and Checklist Help Patients Discover Next Step In Recovery

Greenland, NH-based Addiction Recovery Services (ARS) is pleased to bring their comprehensive expertise in addiction recovery to the service of their community. Given that an individual struggling with addiction is likely to find recovery much harder when stressed by external factors, the clinic wishes to emphasize that they are ready and willing to provide aid to those who reach out for help. They also provide a checklist on their website that can help interested parties determine whether their intensive outpatient program (IOP) is the logical next step of their recovery journey.

IOP is designed to serve as either a viable ‘next step’ for those who have already completed an inpatient rehab program or wish to begin their recovery with this option. Where an inpatient rehab program would require the patient to enroll and commit to staying at the clinic’s premises for an extended period (between 1-2 months depending on their requirements), this is not the case with IOP.

Woman considering IOP Addiction Recovery Services

According to ARS, patients have the benefit of attending group therapy and education sessions for three hours a day for four days a week. These sessions run for a total of five weeks, though the clinic acknowledges that some individuals may need more time and assistance with this stage of their recovery process. To ensure that a patient is progressing as intended, Addiction Recovery Services conducts clinical assessments of each patient who participates in this program. Should any factors indicate the patient needs more help, the clinic can then extend their treatment past the original five-week schedule. Since patients do not have to remain on-site, they are welcome to return home when not in session.

IOP patients also receive a weekly consultation with a board-certified addiction psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner—which many will be pleased to learn comes at no additional charge. ARS is proud to emphasize that this is one of the many factors that sets them apart from other programs, as this is not a common service.

Addiction Recovery Services also understands that IOP must be viewed as a continuation of previous treatment programs if necessary. This helps ensure that any progress the patient has made prior to approaching ARS is not lost, and this is vital because addiction needs to be managed on an ongoing basis to hold off cravings and relapse. For instance, if the patient attended an inpatient treatment program that started them on medication-assisted treatment (MAT), ARS is able to help them continue such treatment after they check out of inpatient rehab. In addition to medications that can help a patient continue their recovery, ARS may also offer prescriptions that can help them manage their mental health issues and symptoms. These medications are also swiftly accessible when necessary.

One of the biggest advantages that patients will find at ARS, however, is that they will not have to deal with waiting lists to access the help they need. Each and every one of their IOP services is also offered by licensed and experienced therapists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners.

Addiction Recovery Services makes it their mission to provide help when patients are at their lowest, and their staff are universally committed to giving affected members of their community all the support they need to take back their lives, health and happiness.

Those looking for more recovery options for themselves or a loved one are welcome to visit the ARS website and check out their IOP at ARS checklist. This will help them determine whether this step is the right one to make. Patients or their family members could also reach out to Addiction Recovery Services’ team directly to discuss their requirements and follow up on any other inquiries.


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