Invisalign Recommended For Sydney Patients

NSW based Bexley Dental is reaching out to explain why many may prefer Invisalign to other treatments that use clear aligners. There are many alternatives on the market that can help correct the alignment of a patient’s teeth, but the clinic believes Invisalign has the distinction of addressing several important factors, making it the most suitable option in the majority of cases. See more here: Invisalign Sydney.

Most, if not all, clear aligners on the market aim to achieve the same goal: to treat misaligned teeth without resorting to the highly visible braces that come to mind when the topic arises. Bexley Dental says these aligners also tend to work in a similar manner, and the key difference is actually in how the treatment is administered.

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To begin with, they say it is important for patients to understand the difference between braces and aligners. Traditional braces use brackets, cemented onto the teeth and attached to each other by wires, to apply a consistent force on the teeth and nudge them into the right position over time. Aligners also nudge teeth in this way, but they do not use brackets. Instead, they use a series of trays that are tailored to the shape of each patient’s mouth based on impressions taken during their initial consultations. As a result, aligners can be removed in order for the teeth to be cleaned (though they still need to remain in place for most of each day. They are also made of near-transparent materials, making it easier for them to blend in with the teeth.

The primary reason Bexley Dental encourages the use of Invisalign over certain counterparts is the fact that its administration is handled exclusively by licensed dentists and orthodontists (when the patient visits their dentist). Some clear aligner treatments require registered dentists and orthodontists to supervise the treatment, but here too the supervision is done remotely. Bexley Dental says Invisalign allows less room for error since a professional is at the helm at every stage of the process, and a patient need only relax as their dentist takes care of their treatment for them. Once administered, dentists who offer Invisalign also give the patient the right to stop by for in-person checks in order to monitor their progress and ensure all is well. With other brands, this may also be done remotely.

The benefits do not end here, however. Invisalign can treat mild, moderate and severely misaligned teeth. It can also fix overcrowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite and open bite. Conversely, some competitor aligners can straighten minor to moderate teeth misalignment but are limited in other scenarios.

If anyone wishes to learn why working directly with a dentist is preferable, Bexley Dental encourages them to look up the clinic’s patient reviews. As Chantelle A. says in their Google review, “Dr. John is the absolute best. Today, I had a root canal, and it was my first ever time in a dentist where I wasn’t put to sleep. I have massive dental phobia. Unbelievably anxious, I was. He made me feel completely calm and walked me through everything and nothing hurt at all. I was so surprised. I am so happy and relieved and will be back there from now on. This has been a life changing experience, and I cannot thank him enough.”

An excerpt from a review posted a while ago also illustrates how consistent the service at Bexley Dental is. “Thank you, Dr. Theo and all his professional staff,” says Heather S. “My life has been totally changed by my All-on-Four implants. I came up from Ulladulla specifically to have the implant surgery done at Bexley Dental after a lot of research. I am so glad I did. After not one but two dentures (not from Bexley Dental) that I could not wear for 16 months, I decided All-on-Four was my last option. Dr. Theo and all his wonderful staff supported me through the whole process. Their follow up and care is exceptional, my new smile and being able to go out and do normal things again is awesome. I can’t believe the change it has made to my life.”

The staff at Bexley Dental are standing by to respond to any inquiries on Invisalign from their community. Patients may reach out via phone, email or even their preferred social media platforms. A full list of the clinic’s services can be found on their official website as well.


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