Invisalign Cradley Heath Teeth Straightening Launched By Finesse Cosmetic Dentists

Finesse Cosmetic Dentists in Cradley Heath, a dental practice based in the UK, is extremely pleased to announce the launch of their new Invisalign teeth straightening treatment package. Finesse hopes that the extra cost savings and other benefits offered with this dental treatment package will encourage more people in their community to get the cosmetic dental treatment they need.

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Invisalign Cradley Heath

According to the clinic, their team has spent the past year looking for ways to continue serving their community despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the immense stress that many are feeling at the moment, both psychologically and financially, Finesse has come to believe that their community’s cosmetic dental treatment needs are not being fully met. Their new Invisalign teeth straightening package was specifically launched during the pandemic to address this issue, and patients will appreciate several of the benefits it offers them (in addition to world-class Invisalign treatment). For instance, Finesse Cosmetic Dentists are pleased to share that they are offering a £1000 discount on Invisalign (along with other perks including free teeth whitening) to help self-paying private patients during these difficult times. This makes the treatment significantly more accessible for many individuals and families alike.

On the other hand, the clinic also recognises that several of their patients will understandably harbour doubts about the wisdom of getting a treatment they may otherwise consider non-essential, especially in the middle of an ongoing health crisis. Fortunately, the dental practice is able to offer the world-famous Invisalign treatment despite the Coronavirus lockdown due to the fact that they are fully able to comply with all required government safety guidelines.

This assures patients a high degree of safety during their visit, and the clinic encourages all concerned parties to get in touch with their representatives if they wish to go over the specifics of Finesse’s safety precautions. The clinic is committed to maintaining the safety of their patients as well as staff, and they would be more than happy to offer guidance and reassurance to any who ask. They also advise their community to reach out to the Finesse dental clinicians for a professional opinion. This will help them determine whether they should wait to undergo the treatment or not.

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Invisalign has gained fame around the world for giving patients the option of wearing transparent, unobstructive aligners that are far more difficult to notice than conventional metal braces (along with many other benefits). They may similarly be worn over the teeth, but Invisalign aligners can be taken out at virtually any point the wearer decides. While it is recommended that they wear their aligners for at least 22 hours every day to achieve the desired result, this still means they can enjoy meals and so on without having to work around any protrusions in their mouth. Notably, wearers will also not have to change their diet, as they might have to if they opt for traditional metal or ceramic braces.

Of course, the aligners must be placed back in the mouth immediately after each meal. Given that they are much more comfortable, hygienic and easy to place back into the mouth (once custom-created to fit) than conventional braces, this hardly presents an obstacle. The clinic adds that these aligners are actually known for how little of an impact they have on a wearer’s professional or personal life.

The clinic explains that appointments will take place about 4-8 weeks apart during the Invisalign treatment, depending on the patient the treatment plan their dentist develops for them. Tooth-coloured attachments are fixed onto the teeth during the first phase, following which they will be checked periodically to ensure the teeth are moving in the right direction according to plan. Those concerned about the application of these treatments need not be unduly concerned either, as each Invisalign treatment at Finesse Cosmetic Dentists is overseen by Dr. Raghav Kumar. A top notch orthodontist, Dr. Kumar has both the expertise and experience needed to ensure that patients have a smooth and uneventful treatment.

Notably, to help patients who wish to get dental advice without leaving home, the clinic currently offers completely virtual consultations for patients who wish to explore their treatment options (whether for Invisalign or any other dental treatment). They may schedule their consultation with ease through the following link:

Finesse Cosmetic Dentists Cradley Heath recently launched a new website that offers a great deal of insight into the practice and the treatments they offer. Patients may use the website’s included contact form to request a call back or get in touch with the clinic directly via email or phone to follow up on any further inquiries.


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