Invisalign Braces Discount Offer For Stourbridge, Brierley Hill And Halesowen Residents Launched

Invisalign Stourbridge Brierley Hill Halesowen Cradley Heath

Residents in the West Midlands have been offered a special discount on Invisalign. The offer is being made by Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists for those seeking an Invisalign teeth straightening treatment. The offer is only available to those who live within a certain radius of the practice, in particular residents in the neighbourhoods of Stourbridge, Brierley Hill and Halesowen.

Residents of Stourbridge can read more details about this special Invisalign offer by visiting the following link:

“Our aim is to make an Invisalign treatment accessible and affordable for as many people in our vicinity as possible,” stated Dr Raghav Kumar, Specialist in Orthodontics at Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists, which is the private dental arm of Bhandal Dental Practice, a group of NHS dental practices well known to the residents of the West Midlands.

People in Brierley Hill can learn more about the exclusive Invisalign deal by following this link:

This Invisalign special offer includes a £1000 discount applied to the regular price for an Invisalign treatment. But there are more bonuses included with this special Invisalign deal. All one needs is to follow a 3-step process.

To start off with the first step, one can get a virtual smile consultation at no cost just by using a smartphone without leaving the comfort of one’s home. All one has to do is upload a few images of one’s smile and the dental team at Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists uses the images to make an initial assessment on whether Invisalign treatment would be viable.

Everyone in Halesowen is recommended to make use of this unique Invisalign discount bundle under this link:

Following the virtual smile consultation, the second step is to go for a complementary Invisalign in-person appointment at the dental clinic with Dr Raghav Kumar, who is also the lead cosmetic dentist at Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists. During this visit to the dental practice, which will include an orthodontic examination with X-rays and a digital 3D scan of the teeth, a custom treatment plan will be put together for the Invisalign candidate. A computer smile simulation will also be provided to the visiting client which will show how the final smile will look like after the Invisalign treatment has been concluded. This helps the patient in making a decision on progressing with Invisalign.

The third step includes making the decision to proceed with the Invisalign teeth aligning treatment. To keep the Invisalign treatment affordable, finance options, including interest-free monthly payment plans can be provided to the Invisalign patient. This monthly payment facility is subject to an application and the staff at Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists provide all the information during the in-person initial appointment at the dental practice.

Another bonus offered to the Invisalign clients includes remote dental monitoring. Dr Kumar will provide a ScanBox that can be attached to a mobile phone. By placing the ScanBox over one’s mouth from home, Dr Kumar will be able to receive the scans of the patient’s teeth and continually follow the progress of the Invisalign treatment, thus minimising the number of visits required to the dental clinic during the treatment. This is a major plus as it gives more comfort to the patient while receiving the Invisalign dental treatment.

And once the Invisalign treatment has been completed, the patient will be offered Vivera retainers as a gift. But there is more. The patient will also receive a complementary tooth whitening treatment at the end of the Invisalign treatment.

The above-described offer bundle is indeed unique and interested residents in the neighbourhoods of Stourbridge, Brierley Hill and Halesowen are welcome to benefit from it by visiting the links provided in this article.


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