Introduction of IV Nutritional Therapy Set to Transform Medical Care in Brandon Florida

Brandon Medical Center is thrilled to offer patients seven different intravenous therapies. The IV therapies promote health, wellness and healing. When a patient uses traditional vitamins, a significant portion of their nutrients are lost throughout the digestive process. IV vitamin therapy is a fast, effective, and safe way to ensure 100% of nutrients go directly into the patient’s bloodstream.

Nutritional intravenous therapy is used at Brandon Medical Center to promote immune system health. This can be beneficial for cold and flu symptom relief, as well as pregnancy symptom relief. Additionally IV hydration therapy can assist rapid athletic recovery, and headache or migraine relief.

IV hydration therapy brandon medical center

Patients have the opportunity to choose from pre-formulated IV Therapy menu items such as “immunity in a bag” or “fountain of youth,” or the popular “Myers Cocktail”. Patients can create a customizable cocktail based on individual needs. Therapeutic IV therapy visits typically last forty-five minutes to an hour at in a comfortable setting at Brandon Medical Center.

Cindy K, manager notes: “We are pleased to introduce IV Therapy at Brandon Medical Center. We are always striving to help our clients to reach their health goals. This avenue is not only very popular, and we have witnessed the benefits and effects of hydration therapy upon our clients. We are always trying to do all we can to expand and make it easier for our clients to reach their weight loss goals and improve their overall health. IV therapy is an excellent way to get needed vitamins and minerals directly into the body. We make it easy and convenient and comfortable.”

The team at Brandon Medical Center is dedicated to their patients and the community of Brandon, FL. Brandon Medical Center is a health and wellness facility that works side by side with their patients to achieve positive health outcomes. Their location specializes in medical weight loss, and the staff is readily available to answer questions about Brandon Medical Center’s new IV therapy service. For more information about Brandon Medical Centers’ weight loss programs and other services please visit


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