Introducing Snapped Up, A New Dating Photographer Company

A London based company, Snapped Up, has launched a new service professional dating profile pictures. This allows the general public to use a professional photographer to take a series of head shots to be used on social media or dating app profiles.

Snapped Up is offering this service specifically to people who live in London and the surrounding areas, they do offer a custom package where a photographer can travel to their location, this would have to be discussed and agreed before booking a shot.

“There’s an art to looking your best in dating profile pictures. It’s natural to feel a bit nervous before a shoot, but clients always relax once we’ve had a chat face-to-face. You need to feel comfortable, and so I won’t be asking you to do any awkward poses or anything that doesn’t feel natural to you,” said the owner of Snapped Up, David. He has been a professional photographer and has developed a skill at getting the best from his subjects.

The new company was born as a solution to a unique problem, after a brief stint on the dating scene David realised there was a real need to help people showcase themselves in their best light. “the vast majority of people just don’t know how to take a good selfie or find it difficult to naturally smile,” commented David.

After consulting with other dating hopefuls, he found that his idea was very well received. Snapped Up was launched and quickly gained popularity. Their website details the various locations available and the different packages available for booking a shoot.

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Snapped Up
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