Insurance Navy Names The Best Car Insurance Commercials

Palos Hills, Illinois -

Insurance Navy is drawing attention to the car insurance industry’s advertising tactics by highlighting marketing campaigns that have become very popular and propelled their respective insurance companies to a significant industry market share. The insurance company has highlighted these ads in a blog post that delves into the narratives present in some of the most memorable car insurance commercials and presents an analysis of how a car insurance company can go about creating a successful campaign using the same techniques.

A spokesperson for Insurance Navy talks about the current state of the car insurance advertising industry by saying, “Car Insurance ads are ubiquitous because the industry is a big spender when it comes to customer acquisition. Car Insurance will only work and be profitable for everyone involved if it operates at scale, explaining the need for these insurance companies to constantly be in the spotlight and to create campaigns that resonate with their target audience. TV and web media are the most common advertising channels for them. Car Insurance companies like Geico and Progressive spend billions of dollars on advertising annually, while Farmer’s spends $129 million. It takes a deep understanding of auto insurance markets, customer psychology, and marketing skill to create messaging that compels the target audience to open up their wallets for a service that can, possibly, be waived off as a nice-to-have by most consumers. A few ways that car insurance companies can create an impact through their advertising is by incorporating humor, jingles, and mascots in their presentations.”

The blog post from the Chicago insurance company lists several popular car insurance ad campaigns to make its point. Allstate’s ads use Dean Winters in several roles to poke fun at the many ways that personal assets can get severely damaged and how Allstate can offer coverage for them. Actress Stephanie Courtney, better known as Progressive’s Flo, uses impeccable comedic timing to champion the company’s services while entertaining audiences with her dry humor. Similar to Flo, State Farm’s mascot Jake dons his iconic red polos and khakis to give viewers an insight into the insurance company’s dedicated and perceptive customer service. Farmer’s “Hall Of Claims” ads illustrate the message that no claim is too much or too odd for them. Liberty Mutual’s ads feature an homage to buddy cop movies with its characters Doug and LiMu Emu who are on a quest to get everyone customizable car insurance. Geico’s gecko mascot has been featured in over 150 ads throughout the insurance company’s marketing history and his catchphrase “Switching to Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance” is ingrained in pop culture. The General’s army general mascot has been promoting low car insurance rates with a drill sergeant chant at the end of their ads. The blog post also mentions Geico’s “Rhetorical Question” ads and State Farm’s “Good Neighbor” ads.

Insurance Navy is a provider of non-standard auto insurance to drivers for liability coverage that meets their state’s minimum limits. Insurance Navy specializes in providing SR22 insurance, which is a certificate of financial responsibility for high-risk drivers. The insurance company sells products in over 30 storefronts, a call center, and online in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, and California. In addition to auto insurance, the insurance company sells other financial products and services, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and roadside assistance.

The insurance company, also known as Insurance Navy Brokers and Insurance Navy Brokers Inc., was founded in 2005. It has partnered with car insurance industry giants such as Progressive Corporation, Direct Auto Insurance, The Hartford Financial Services Group, and Next Insurance to provide comprehensive insurance services.

Company CEO Fadi Sneineh explains its mission by saying, “Insurance Navy is dedicated to helping our customers connect with trusted insurance companies to find the best and most cost-effective insurance policy. Regardless of your level of risk, Insurance Navy provides options for auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance policies that make being covered easy and affordable. Above all, Insurance Navy prides itself on high-tier customer service.”

Insurance Navy serves customers throughout the United States in three ways - in person at one of its retail locations, over the phone at (888) 949-6289, and online. The company is headquartered at 10338 S Harlem Ave, Palos Hills, IL, 60465.


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