Insurance Navy Brokers: What You Need To Know About Texas Car Seat Laws

Houston, TX based Insurance Navy Brokers recently published a blog post that sheds light on Texas’ most current car seat laws. The article is meant to explain the law to local residents and help them make decisions that keep them safer on the roads. Over 12,000 car crashes are reported in Texas every year, and they result in almost 16,000 serious injuries. A lot of these accidents could potentially be avoided if Texas drivers had a better grasp of the law, and the firm attempts to address this issue through their publications and other resources.

Children in particular face an increased risk of injury and death in the event of a vehicle accident, and this is why there has been a concerted effort to educate drivers on car seat laws. The post says, “Developing bodies and fragile immune systems make children more susceptible to serious injury or death than their adult counterparts. Yet, many parents have not been adequately educated on how to properly and legally secure their children accordingly to federal safety standards when hitting the roadways. According to the CDC, many victims of insufficient or improper seat belt use across the United States were underage children. These children (35%) were either improperly restrained or were wearing no seat belt at all. The result? A 2017 report revealed that failure to adhere to seat belt and car seat laws resulted in 116,000 severe injuries to children.”

The front seat is particularly dangerous for young children, so the law states that rear-facing car seats must be placed in the back of the vehicle facing backwards. Placing a rear-facing car seat in the front passenger seat is illegal and can be deadly in the event of an accident. In this position, a young child will be struck by both the side and front airbags if an accident occurs, and the speed at which they deploy has been known to cause injuries to the face, head and neck (which could be enough to seriously injure or even kill a small child). The law prescribes a number of other precautions aimed at protecting all car passengers, and Insurance Navy’s blog post goes into great detail about some of the things that can be done to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Knowing the law and observing it can greatly reduce the chances of serious injury in a car accident, but accidents still happen even if drivers follow the law to the letter and exercise extreme caution. This is why it is important to have adequate car accident insurance, especially for drivers with young children. Insurance Navy helps people find the right insurance plan and takes steps to educate them on the various options that are available to them. They work only with trusted companies to try and find the best policy for each individual client’s budget, and they go a step further by trying to understand their community better.

A number of clients have talked about Insurance Navy online, praising the company for helping them find the right insurance coverage for their needs and budget. One review from Ana L. says, “Thank you so much, Fernando, for your service and for being so patient explaining the benefits and quote. You were really helpful. I definitely recommend Insurance Navy, and I'II make sure my friends and family know about my experience with you guys and hope they join the Insurance Navy family.”

Another client, Catarina T., says about Insurance Navy and their services, “I just wanted to say that I loved the service that Andrea Benitez had given me. She was very nice and helped me get insurance. She was amazing and very patient with me. I definitely recommend coming here for your insurance. Make sure to ask for Andrea.”

Insurance Navy Brokers is always happy to help clients find the best insurance possible. They also aim to educate customers about a variety of topics relating to cars, the law and insurance. For more on Texas car seat laws, interested parties may visit Insurance Navy’s website. They can also get in touch with the company through this platform.


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