Insurance Covered Baby Formula Now Offering Premature Baby Formula

Parents to premature babies can now access premature baby formula covered by insurance.

Insurance Covered Baby Formula has announce that they now have premature baby formula in addition to the other baby formula they offer with the help of insurance cover. With most people facing a burden when buying baby formula over a long period of time. The company helps parents access these formulas using insurance cover.

Speaking on behalf of the company, a representative said about the premature baby formula, “Most people ask ‘will insurance cover baby formula?’ Well, infant formula is covered by insurance. Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare is designed with enriched nutrition for infants who were born prematurely or with low birth weight. It is typically used during the first year of life for infants from approximately 1800 grams in weight. Supports catch-up growth during the first year with 22 Calories/fl oz. Enriched nutrition to meet the needs of infants with conditions such as prematurity or low birth weight. 2.8 g protein/100 Calories, 40% more protein than Enfamil Infant formula. 54% more calcium than Enfamil Infant formula. 53% more phosphorus than Enfamil Infant formula. Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) and DHA to support brain development. MFGM: a fat-protein blend previously found only in breast milk in an amount supported by clinical research. 20% of the fat blend from medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil. 80:20 whey to casein ratio patterned after early breast milk/ Non-GMO formulation. Nucleotides patterned after the average free nucleotide level in human milk.”

About Insurance Covered Baby Formula: Insurance Covered Baby Formula, a MedSource, LLC company, is committed to helping parents qualify for specialty formula through insurance. They offer three types of specialty formulas: Hypoallergenic, Metabolic, and Premature Infant.


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