Insulation Company In New Orleans Brings World Class Insulation To Local Homeowners

Spray foam insulation new orleansLA-based Star Spray Foam Insulation is proud to bring its novel spray foam and attic insulation to homeowners in New Orleans. The company has long made it their mission to offer their community affordable access to insulation technology, making homes across the region safer as well as more energy efficient in the process. All customers are invited to contact the company today for a free consultation, through which they can discover many advantages.

As their name makes evident, the company specializes in using spray foam insulation to weatherize homes. Longtime homeowners are aware that poor insulation can make energy bills a nightmare to deal with, and this is often compounded by the fact that the house also cannot heat up properly during cold weather. During the winter season, this means that homeowners in this position will be stuck in the discomfort of a poorly heated home yet have to pay exorbitant heating bills as well. Star Spray Foam Insulation also points out that a home can also experience energy leaks during the summer, so even an excellent air conditioning system may be outdone by the rate at which the house absorbs heat from the outside environment. Fortunately, a suitable answer exists in the form of spray foam insulation.

According to the company, other forms of insulation typically deliver energy savings up to 30%. Spray foam, however, can raise that figure to an impressive 50%, which translates to a lot of cost savings in terms of energy bills. Furthermore, spray foam is made of an inert polymer that does not attract bacteria, mold and so on as it offers them nothing organic to feed on. Given the method of application, customers also see additional bonuses in both how fast this insulation can be implemented as well as how comprehensively it fills the spaces in which it is placed. Each mixture of this polyurethane spray foam is prepared on-site, and it expands to fill all nooks and crannies when sprayed onto a surface.

However, Star Spray Foam Insulation understands that many customers will have inquiries and concerns regarding the installation process. While they are happy to field all questions ahead of an appointment, they are also willing to explain what needs to be done while on-site. The company states that this is simply part of its commitment to maintaining a high standard of customer service.

One Google reviewer awards the company a full 5-Star rating for their work, explaining in some detail how it was easy to deal with the contractors who arrived and more. The review says, “I admire the honesty and transparency Star Spray Foam had when it comes to their services. They gave me an honest quote for closed-cell insulation. There was an obvious change to the temperature in the house once they were done. They had me look over the results, and I was particular with a certain spot. No complaints or excuses, they went back to the job and corrected it. Recommended insulation contractors in New Orleans.”

As another review from customer one customer notes, “It really pays off to talk to several contractors first before hiring anyone to do your insulation. I had a lot of things to consider and I'm glad I stuck to Star Spray Foam in the end. They never failed to meet my expectations as they work on our floor insulation. Communication is their strong suit and they always updated me. Our house maintains temperature better than ever!”

Star Spray Foam Insulation also offers energy audits, which customers can request in order to find out exactly how much energy their home consumes and how much is being lost due to their current method of insulation. This information can help many households determine whether they want to upgrade their insulation soon and stop paying more than they have to in energy bills.

Those looking for a reliable insulation company in New Orleans are welcome to contact the team at Star Spray Foam Insulation to get started. Further details can be found on the company’s website and social media platforms as well.


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