Inflammation Blood Test Kit Provider Explains Importance of Inflammation to the Body and What Causes It

Choose Health, a company in Austin, TX, that provides an at-home health tracking service monitoring key markers of internal health, has recently published a blog post that explains what causes inflammation and its important role in the body. The article explains that inflammation is part of the natural healing response of the body. The body initiates an inflammatory reaction whenever the body is exposed to irritants, injuries, and or infections.

However, it should be noted that there are two kinds of inflammation: acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation occurs when there is acute infection or an injury and this usually lasts for a few days to weeks. This is important because the pain lets the person know that the area requires protection while it is still healing. The redness and swelling indicate that there is increased blood flow in order for the blood to deliver more nutrients, immune cells, and healing factors to the area. However, while inflammation is a natural response of the body, it could develop into chronic inflammation if it is not managed properly.

inflammation in the blood

Chronic inflammation is less noticeable but it can also last for a longer time, for instance, several months to years. This is usually the result of exposure to infections and irritants for a longer period of time. Some indicators of chronic inflammation are pain, sleep disorders, fatigue, mood disorders, digestive problems, and/or changes in weight.

When chronic inflammation remains unchecked, it may result into long term health issues. Some health conditions that may result from chronic inflammation are: diabetes and other metabolic disorders; heart disease, stroke, and atherosclerosis; asthma; cancer; and Alzheimer’s disease.

The presence of inflammation can be detected by using a simple at-home blood testing that measures biomarkers of inflammation. These is usually done by testing the level of high sensitivity C reactive protein (hsCRP). High levels of hsCRP in the blood indicate that there are a higher levels of inflammation in the body, especially in the cardiovascular system.

The at-home testing service offered by Choose Health can be used to monitor those markers that are relevant to a particular person, for instance, hsCRP to indicate inflammation. Other markers that can be tested include: insulin resistance, cardiovascular health, body composition, average blood sugar, and oxidative stress.

The test is for those who are more than 18 years old and those who would like to know how their nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, family history, and drinking are affecting their long-term health. Choose Health ensures that all medical data are safe by using the highest standards in end-to-end encryption and they comply with the strictest standards for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, only CAP and CLIA accredited labs are used to process the test.

Chronic inflammation can be caused by chronic infections due to viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. If the body is unable to get rid of the infectious agent, it can lead to chronic inflammation.

Certain lifestyle factors may also lead to chronic inflammation. These include chronic stress, food choices, and physical inactivity. Chronic stress can cause the body to release inflammatory cytokines, which contribute to an overall risk in inflammation in the body. For those who have a sedentary lifestyle, this could contribute to the risk of inflammatory conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. With regards to food, certain foods can result into inflammation, such as sugar, trans fats, refined carbohydrates, excessive alcohol, vegetable and seed oils, red meat, and processed meats.

Chronic inflammation may also be caused by regular exposure to toxins or irritants. These include alcohol, cigarette smoke, and industrial chemicals. For instance, phthalates, silica dust, and pollutants can result into chronic irritation and disrupt the healthy immune response of the body.

And finally, heightened immune reactions, such as allergies, sensitivities, and autoimmune disease, can cause chronic inflammation. Examples of autoimmune diseases that can cause inflammation are rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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