In partnership with Martino HVAC, Furnace Repair Richmond Hill is Now Serving Homeowners in the City of Etobicoke Ontario

Furnace Repair Richmond Hill has just announced that they will now be serving the HVAC needs of homeowners in Etobicoke, Ontario. This effort will be undertaken in partnership with another very well-respected area heating and cooling services provider Martino HVAC. Together these two highly-rated HVAC service companies can meet any heating and cooling needs that those in the Etobicoke area need to be done. This includes providing fast-response, around the clock emergency HVAC services.

The company spokesperson, Eric Lyon, says, “We are not only thrilled to now be offering our highly rated HVAC services to homeowners in Etobicoke but we are also excited to be doing this in cooperation with our reputable partner Martino HVAC. The people in Etobicoke probably do not even realize yet that this partnership will give them access to what should be a powerhouse heating and cooling team. This translates to them being able to get outstanding HVAC services in the timeliest manner possible. We fully expect to have HVAC service response times that smaller heating and cooling providers in the Etobicoke area simply will not be able to match. Already we are hearing very positive comments from those we have provided HVAC services to in the City of Etobicoke, Ontario.

Lyon went on to say that there are several reasons that homeowners will want to choose this new partnership over other area heating and cooling providers. He says this includes Etobicoke homeowners getting service done by the most well-trained HVAC techs in the area and those techs will also be providing them with guaranteed same-day service. Both of these HVAC providers are also bonded and licensed and use only the highest quality furnace brands and replacement parts. The company spokesperson says that the techs at both companies have also pledged to be friendly and thorough when giving operating instructions to those they have recently installed new HVAC systems for. Lyon stated that both companies have an excellent reputation as far as the customer service that they provide too. He says that new customers of their in the Etobicoke area will also find the prices for their HVAC services to be fair and competitive.

The highlight of the partnership will be the two companies’ ability to provide extremely fast responding emergency HVAC emergency services. “We fully realize how inconvenient it is for a family to be without heat on a cold winter night or air conditioning in the dead of summer”, said Lyon, “That’s why our two companies have committed to always having a tech on standby to handle any emergency HVAC problems that those in Etobicoke have to get resolved right away.” He added that these emergency HVAC services will be available 24/7, 365 without exception. Even on such major holidays as Christmas and New Year, they will not let anyone in Etobicoke be without heat long. The company spokesperson added that their standby tech will always have their service vehicle gassed up and fully-stocked with the most common heating and cooling repair parts, that way they can get to their Etobicoke customers that need emergency HVAC help just as quickly as possible.

Lyon also mentioned that in addition to HVAC services and plumbing the two companies will be doing other related types of services too. This includes working with boiler type home heating systems that are commonly found in the Etobicoke area. He says that they will be doing everything from installing new boilers to performing maintenance and repairs on them. These two companies also both specialize in water heating services. The company spokesperson says this involves supplying, installing, and repairing electric water heaters. According to Lyon, their tankless unlimited water heating systems are also becoming a very popular choice for their customers in Etobicoke and elsewhere in the Toronto area.

Homeowners in Etobicoke that wish to inquire about the company’s many different HVAC services can contact them by email, phone, or by filling out the form on the home page of their website which can be found here at


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