In Light of National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week, The Source Addiction Treatment Center Publishes Article on the Dangers of Inhalant Abuse

Ft. Lauderdale, FL—National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week is coming up, March 21-27. The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale has published an article detailing the dangers associated with inhalant addiction to help raise awareness of this commonly overlooked public health crisis.

National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week occurs annually on the third week in March with the purpose of educating the public on the risks, dangers, and complications associated with Inhalant abuse. It was originally established in 1992 by the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition (NIPC).

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The NIPC stresses the importance of talking about the dangers of inhalant use with your kids, in fact, research has shown that kids are 50% more likely to avoid trying inhalants if they are warned of the dangers. Inhalants are common household products that can be used to achieve mind-altering effects and can be purchased at most stores legally. Examples include spray paint, hair spray, whipped cream dispensers, nitrous oxide, and room air freshener spray.

According to a national survey of adolescents, about 9% of teens in the US have reported using inhalants at least once in their lifetime, 58% of those teens reporting using inhalants by the end of 9th grade. The fast-acting and short duration of the high make inhalant abuse appealing to teens. Parents are advised to talk to their kids about the dangers of inhalant abuse early and often to prevent them from experimenting with this potentially deadly drug.

Dangers of Inhalant AbuseWhile the intoxicating effects of inhalants may only last a couple of minutes, long-term complications can occur from repeated use. Abuse of inhalants can cause weight loss, muscle weakness, dementia, hearing loss, brain and nerve damage, limb spasms, depression, irritability, and chronic headaches. Short-term effects of inhalants include slurred speech, confusion, delirium, inability to control movements, dizziness, hallucinations, and nausea or vomiting.

The Source Treatment Center recommends taking this National Inhalant & Poisons Awareness Week as an opportunity to speak to loved ones about the dangers of inhalant abuse. Early intervention and education can go a long way in preventing substance abuse.

For those who are concerned that a family member or friend may be abusing inhalants, have an open and honest conversation with them. Foster an environment where they know they can come to you when they are struggling. And most importantly, reach out for help. The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale has a nationally certified professional interventionist on staff who can help you facilitate a productive intervention and encourage a loved one to seek treatment. The Source staff is available 24/7 and calls are completely confidential. Call (800) 204-0418 or find them online at


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