Imperial Crane Services: Where to Buy Merlo Telehandlers in Chicago

Imperial Crane Services, Inc, a company based in Bridgeview, IL, has announced that they are ready to serve the needs of those who want to buy Merlo telehandlers in Chicago. The company is a seller of lifting equipment, including telehandlers, to all kinds of businesses. They are now happy to announce their new fleet of Merlo telehandlers, a “four-in-one” rotating forklift that is gaining in popularity because of its many advantages over other available types of telehandlers. Imperial Crane is now an official dealer of Merlo Telehandlers in Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Gina Kaktis, Marketing Director for Imperial Crane Services, says, “Although Imperial Crane has utilized many different brands of telehandlers in its 47 years of business, Merlo’s product stands out from the competition in numerous ways. Merlo is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment which is Best in Class compared to the competition. Merlo’s telehandler is among the first rotating forklifts to feature a side-mount on the engine rather than under the boom. This allows the operator to achieve 360-degree visibility by dropping the boom into a low-profile position, eliminating the obvious safety hazard of blind spots.”

Merlo telehandlers may be useful in various construction project requirements, such as truck loading; excavation; lifting; handling various tools, materials, and supplies; or lifting operators to the work area. While it looks like a forklift, it is more like a crane, man lift, aerial lift, and loader, with versatility provided by a single telescopic boom that may be extended forward and upward from the vehicle. The use of the Merlo telehandler may decrease job site operating time and cost as a result of its pick and carry capability. Furthermore, if replacement parts are required, these can be obtained within 48 hours, which decreases lost time.

For the US market, Merlo has 20 different models with lift capacities from 19 feet to 96 feet and load capabilities of 5,500 to 26,500 pounds. Merlo has a wide range of models with both rotating and fixed chassis. Meanwhile, all of the hydraulic hoses and electronic cables of the Merlo telehandler are located inside the boom to protect them from the elements and accidental damage.

The Merlo telehandler is provided with load sensing hydraulics, which enhances operational productivity and precision on the job site. Merlo also has the biggest cab in its class, with a width of 3 feet and 3 inches. It has 360 degrees visibility and comes standard with air conditioner and heater. It has an operator friendly design with upgraded soundproof material, pneumatic suspension seats, and controls that are precise, intuitive, and easy to reach.

In addition, the Merlo Local Interactive Network or MERlin, offers a totally new way to automatically manage all of the telehandler’s safety functions and operating parameters. The MERlin Continuous Slew Safety (MCSS) system is used to manage the load diagram to ensure that it is suitable for stabilizer positions selected by the operator. This is done in real-time to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.

The Merlo telehandler makes use of a solid steel bar around the whole machine to do away with the need for a counterweight, which means a more robust chassis and better stability and protection. Furthermore, its heavy-duty boom has almost no flex. Its buttonhole design and large overlap of sections permit the boom to bend upwards when fully extended, rather than the opposite.

Gina Kaktis also wants to emphasize that businesses may also rent a telehandler in Chicago where they can enjoy the benefit of not having to worry about breakdowns or maintenance costs. Clients will only be responsible for the fuel consumed by the telehandler. By renting, clients will also be assured that they have the appropriate size for each particular job. Imperial Crane Services may also be able provide trained operators with licenses for those instances where the local ordinances have restrictions on operator training and certification.

Those who are interested in Chicago crane rentals or sales may want to check out the Imperial Crane Services, Inc website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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