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IMHO Reviews is an online review site that observes and reports the quality of services from audiobooks, to freelancing websites, and even extending to a section concerning the best language apps for learners in 2021. In their new article, “How to Learn a New Language Fast to Become Fluent in 3 to 6 months,” the reviewer goes over the typical timeline for learning a new language, the steps are taken for language adoption, and discusses the most efficient language learning strategies to date. Along with this article, IMHO Reviews has released articles reviewing two of the most notable language tools on the market: the Pimsleur app and the Rype platform. Both are effective in their missions to teach people a new language in a swift, efficient manner with attention to long-term memory. While Pimsleur is based on viable research by a renowned linguistic scholar, Rype is unique in its live, one-on one approach with qualified language teachers for effective learning.

IMHO Reviews Ways to Learn a New Language and Shares Apps That Can HelpPimsleur App

The Pimsleur app is a language tool built off of the research of Paul Pimsleur, a renowned linguistic scholar who developed his own language learning system. Its success stems from the unique way it operates - the Pimsleur method reminds language learners of new words with gradually increasing frequency, known as the “graduated interval recall method” in the past. This gradual frequency change works under the assumption that as the user’s knowledge strengthens over time, so will their ability to retain a higher frequency of new words. Additionally, the spaced out nature of the Pimsleur method helps to solidify not just short-term memory, but long-term retention as well. This method has been reviewed to be effective in building the foundation to precede the adoption of a new language. Without a solid framework, learners aren’t able to pick up more complex vocabulary or grammatical concepts.

The differentiating factor with the Pimsleur app is the way the courses are structured. Users will find that the lessons are centered around conversational learning and will be speaking out loud. As opposed to apps like Duolingo, the Pimsleur app doesn’t offer gamified learning with fun activities to participate in. The method focuses on conversations so that the brain can absorb new intonation, rhythm melody, and pronunciation alongside words and grammar. Additionally, conversational learning is a way to build viable language skills from the start, shortening the time frame for when users will be able to actually utilize their learnings.

With its efficient learning method and central focus on foundational language skills like pronunciation, Pimsleur is a cost-effective learning tool for those who don’t want a fun app that teaches through mobile games and activities. It’s especially effective with auditory learners, and there is a seven-day free trial for those who want to feel out the lessons before purchasing. The monthly subscription price is between $15 and $20, and since multiple users can share an account, friends and family can split the subscription cost in up to three ways.

Rype App

The Rype app is another language learning platform that works on a monthly subscription basis. It’s designed to give users a more personable experience through one-on-one lessons with professional teachers, and offers 10 languages to start learning today: Spanish, French, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian.

Upon making an account, users report their desired time commitment each month to learning a new language, then browse the selection of teachers offered on Rype before scheduling their first lesson. Instead of filtering the search by teacher, the app also lets language learners search lessons by time availability to better suit their schedules. Upon booking the session, all necessary lesson information is distributed for use.

Rype is unique with its offering of live, one-on-one language lessons with qualified teachers via video chat, while providing flexible scheduling options for learners on-the-go. Most of the lessons are delivered using Skype, so teachers typically contact learners through Skype before starting a lesson.

Rype is an option fit for those who want to learn a new language on their own schedule, or who simply want to learn more quickly with a higher commitment. Although learning styles differ from person to person, the private one-on-one attention that Rype offers is helpful in assessing areas of improvement much faster than alternate applications. The pricing is more expensive than similar modeled apps, though is still more cost-effective than a private language tutor or university course. Depending on the number of hours desired every month, a prepaid 6-month subscription runs from $59.99 to $159.99. Rype also has a monthly option, ranging from $79.99 to $179.99.

Vitliy Lano, Owner of IMHO Reviews, commented on the benefits of learning a whole new language: "Learning a new language has never been easier. More and more companies are using a scientific approach, which helps the brain learn at a more rapid pace. Picking up a new language provides so many opportunities to touch and better understand new cultures, as well as expanding to new markets or finding new work opportunities. On top of all this, it’s good for the brain, and I feel like many people want that improved brain function."

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