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IMHO Reviews shares a list of best finance courses on Mindvalley to take this year at a discounted price. Mindvalley, an online learning platform, known for its self-improvement programs taught by the world's best experts and coaches, has two categories on their platform dedicated to finance courses - Entrepreneurship and Career. Mindvalley is a subscription-based service.

IMHO Reviews Mindvalley Finance Courses

The cost of annual membership is $499 per year. According to the IMHO Reviews article, at the moment it is sold at a discounted price. Unlimited access to all 60+ courses is included in the membership, along with access to all upcoming courses, Mindvalley meditations, certificates for certain courses, live calls with authors, and a 22-minute long self-assessment that is designed to identify the areas in a person's life where they are thriving and where they need to apply more attention and focus.

The first Mindvalley finance course featured by IMHO Reviews is The Money EQ program. This Quest is created and taught by Ken Honda, who is a personal growth author and influential money teacher, known in his home country of Japan as the "Zen Millionaire". He spent his life studying people's relationships with money trying to figure a way to create a life of peace, happiness, and financial freedom. The Money EQ program is a 3-week program that consists of daily video lessons from Ken Honda. He teaches that Money EQ is a reflection of each person's thoughts and beliefs about money, and those who neglect it cannot achieve wealth. The goal of the course is to learn how to raise Money EQ and, as a result, find financial success.

"Since Money EQ is not a talent, but rather a skill, anyone can learn it. The process is simple and straightforward and by the end of the program, you will see lifelong changes. It is a perfect program for those who want to expand their capacity to make money, invest, and even give back," explained Vitaliy Lano, the owner of IMHO Reviews.

The second finance course that IMHO Reviews recommends taking on Mindvalley is the Unlimited Abundance. Taught by energy healer and intuitive life coach Christie Marie Sheldon, the 24-day course focuses on helping people find a more abundant life through achieving their fullest potential. According to Christie, most people are dealing with abundance blocks that sabotage the ability to attract wealth. There are 24 abundance blocks that come from everywhere - parents, mentors, friends, and media. The course teaches how to release those blocks by using effective energy techniques. Through a series of daily audio recordings, Christie shows how to access the subconscious mind, and liberate it from all abundance blocks.

"If you are struggling with making money and don't know what the reason is, then the Unlimited Abundance program is a great way to start. During the course, I worked on releasing several groups of blocks I didn't even know I had - resistance blocks, fear-based blocks, blocks that make you feel stuck, blocks that cloud your clarity, blocks that weaken your sense of personal truth and ownership, money and career blocks. I learned where those blocks came from and was able to release most of them which helped me tremendously," said Vitaliy.

The third finance course on the IMHO Reviews list is Uncompromised Life by UK's top therapist, Marisa Peer, whose list of clients includes Hollywood celebrities, and rockstars, royalty, political leaders, Olympic athletes, and CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies. The program consists of a series of eight Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions that help unblock the fullest potential to reach success. According to many scientific studies, Transformational Hypnotherapy can rewire the brain for peak performance.

"Transformational Hypnotherapy is a great tool for combating stress, pain management, and even shows promise as a treatment for depression. This program focuses on upgrading qualities like self-esteem, relationships, work ethic, career performance, confidence, and more," explained Vitaliy.

There are three new career and finance courses that will be released on Mindvalley in the next few months - The Unstoppable Brand by Jeffrey Perlman, The Science of Personal Branding by Gerard Adams, and The Transformational Leader by Monty Moran.

For more information about Mindvalley programs and discounts on Mindvalley Membership, check IMHO Reviews' latest article.


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