IMHO Reviews How Much Teachers Can Earn On Skillshare in 2023

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IMHO Reviews republished an article on February 1st, 2023, discussing the recent changes to the Skillshare teacher payment model. The new model, which was announced on September 6th, 2022, is based on student engagement instead of watch time. Skillshare has made three main changes to the model, including rewarding teachers for engagement, taking into account various factors when calculating minutes watched, and dramatically increasing the amount paid for referrals.

How Much Can Teachers Can Earn On Skillshare

Teoh Yi Chie, who is a teacher on Skillshare, published an article and shared his experience with the changes. In December 2021, Teoh earned $1497 before tax, however, in December 2022, he earned $534 before tax, which is a 64% drop. Many other Skillshare teachers have also reported significant drops in earnings, with some reporting a 50% decrease.

The new payment model has caused many teachers to question the viability of teaching on Skillshare in 2023. The definition of engagement on Skillshare is subjective and includes things like students uploading and sharing projects, asking questions, and reviewing courses. Even though the Skillshare Teacher Fund is worth $1.1 million in January 2023, teachers are making a lot less money, which is causing confusion and frustration among teachers.

The only positive aspect of the new payment model, according to Teoh Yi Chie is the increase in referral earnings. Skillshare has increased the amount paid for referrals from $10 to $19.20 or $100.80, depending on the type of membership the student signs up for.

"The author of the original article expressed that he revised his opinion on teaching on Skillshare. While he used to highly recommend the platform for teachers, he can no longer do so with the same confidence," Vitaliy, owner of IMHO Reviews, highlighted.

After publishing 32 courses on Skillshare, Teoh Yi Chie only made a total of $373 after tax in December 2022. This comes out to an average of $11.66 per course, with some of the less popular courses earning less than $10 per month.

Calculating the statistics, the watch time on the courses earns around $0.0338 per minute, which is significantly lower than before the new payment model was introduced in September 2022. Even most popular course with 1400+ students only earns $13 to $27 per month.

Imho Reviews highlighted the following Teoh Yi Chie statements in the article:

"While having a large following on platforms like Instagram or YouTube can help to boost your course's visibility, it will only provide a one-time boost unless you continue to promote your Skillshare course regularly."

"Given the effort required to create a course, earning only $10 to $30 per month may not be worth it for many teachers. Also, as the number of courses on the platform keeps growing, the competition gets even tougher, making it harder for courses to be found without a lot of marketing."

"In light of these developments, the author has decided to shift their focus to their patrons and market their courses through their own platform, Gumroad, instead. The competition and low earnings on Skillshare have become demoralizing for the author."

IMHO Reviews comes to the conclusion that teachers can still make money on Skillshare, but the recent changes to the payment model have made many teachers worried about the platform's future.


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