IMHO Reviews: Cake Monster Crypto On BSC And Its Latest Development

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In the past 30 days, the price of Cake Monster (MONSTA) surged due to the implementation of many new features. While some of the features - like the Eternal Cake Lottery for holders - have been already added to the protocol, some others, such as the play-to-earn game called "Rob a Monsta" and staking are expected to be launched within the next 7-14 days.

Cake Monster Crypto ON BSC

Cake Monster is a DeFi protocol, a deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain. It is multi-featured and produces a dividend yield. Cake Monster is backed by $CAKE Gravity Vault that will be shared with the holders at the end of cycle 1, which will happen in approximately 450 days. At this moment Cake Monster achieved another incredible milestone - 200,000 $CAKE in the Vault. According to the owners, there will also be Multi-Asset Vault. At this point, more than 20%, which equals to around 2 billion of all $MONSTA tokens, got burned after 200 days when the protocol was launched.

Right now, the team is working on the staking function and promises a very sophisticated protocol: "If you guys thought the protocol dynamics for $MONSTA were sophisticated, just wait until staking comes." Staking will add another degree of dynamism and sophistication to the entire protocol and also improve liquidity.

In other news, Cake Monster is using the on-chain verifiable randomness to draw numbers for the newly released Eternal Cake Lottery. This allows holders of the first collection of Diamond Claw to mint a ticket and participate in the Eternal Cake Lottery with a jackpot of 295 $CAKE.

During the Twitter Space session, the creators of the project revealed that the vision for the NFT is to include as many utilities as possible to avoid a downturn during NFT crashes. Currently, holders of Diamond Claw LVL 5 NFTs are getting dividends every three days. NFTs from MONSTA Party Collection can participate in a GameFi "Rob a Monsta" event where active members that hold NFTs will be able to increase their XP level and receive higher daily payments in $MONSTA.

The arcade game for the MONSTA Party collection is in work. "The game is rather simplistic and won't require a lot of time spent but will need to develop a strategy and adjust during the game. Strategies are the aspect that should make the game unique and interesting to the players," - said the founder of the project.

The game's UI is being designed at this moment. Generation 1 might be able to earn MONSTA in the future and generation 0 will be able to generate XP to get to generation 1, which will generate higher daily dividents.

CAKE Monster has partnered up with the Oasis metaverse. Eventually, owners of MONSTA Party NFTs will be able to use NFTs to get bonuses and XP.

Another new feature that is being discussed on Twitter is MONSTA Mafia which will incentivize members with financial benefits. Members will be paid for every interaction online, leaving comments, sharing content on social media platforms. This should bring more interest to the project and attract new members to participate in the events and play-to-earn games.

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