Imagine by Northpoint Nampa Stresses Importance of Helping Teens Now

Nampa, ID - Imagine by Northpoint Nampa is a facility specializing in adolescent treatment services for both mental and behavioral health disorders. Recently they released a statement stressing the importance of treating one's adolescent or teen’s mental health struggles now, rather than waiting.

“Adolescents and teenagers are in a unique situation,” a Northpoint representative said. “Their bodies and minds are changing rapidly, but so are their social lives. It puts them in a unique position to be greatly affected by mental health or behavioral disorders. And unfortunately, these can go undetected.”

Imagine by Northpoint Nampa Teen Stressed

Imagine by Northpoint Nampa places high importance on discovering and diagnosing these disorders as soon as possible. If a mental or behavioral health disorder goes undiagnosed it can affect an adolescent or teenager far into their adult life, putting their potential for living a rewarding and successful life at risk.

“Getting your teenager into recovery now is not just about making sure they are okay right this moment,” a Northpoint representative said, “it’s also about securing their future. Every parent or guardian wants their children to head out into the world ready to succeed.”

Located in Nampa, Idaho and part of the Northpoint network of recovery facilities, Imagine by Northpoint Nampa offers a unique and comprehensive set of treatment options for adolescents and teens between the ages of 12 and 17 who are struggling with behavioral or mental health disorders.

Some of the symptoms Imagine by Northpoint suggests to watch out for include sudden inability to follow the rules at home or school; aggressive actions, including both verbal and physical outbursts; a sudden change of success at school, such as lower grades; isolating themselves excessively; and suicidal thoughts, ideation, or actions.

Imagine by Northpoint Nampa utilizes many forms of treatment, all evidence-based and focused on guiding adolescents and teenagers toward long-term recovery from their behavioral or mental health disorders. The extended outpatient program for mental and behavioral health allows a patient to visit the facility throughout the week and return home when treatment has finished.

Each patient receives an individual assessment to accurately determine what treatment will best suit their needs. Patients can be assigned a maximum of 30 hours that are spread across five days, Monday through Friday, with six hours per day being utilized for therapy, schooling, and all other treatments deemed appropriate for the individual.

Imagine by Northpoint Nampa offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and didactic therapy, both evidence-based and focused on helping a patient develop skills for maintaining behavioral and mental health far beyond treatment. They also offer family therapy, along with crisis intervention and relationship counseling. Imagine by Northpoint Nampa can be reached by calling (888) 280-3348 or visiting their website.


For more information about Imagine by Northpoint Nampa, contact the company here:

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