Image SEO King Launches Website To Crash Image SEO Contest

The Image SEO King launched a new website this week for brand development.

The website launched after an anonymous tip about a quick underground SEO competition. An SEO mastermind initiated a challenge to its members to rank an image for a specific keyword in a single day. Contests such as these are an excellent way for professionals to test their SEO skills. SEO professionals understand the difficulty of getting a new website crawled, indexed, and ranked in only a day. The Image SEO King team remained optimistic that the test website would perform.

"I have done a lot of work with images in the SEO field," said Honey Witcher. "We are not part of the mastermind group running the contest. But when I heard about it, I had to jump in!"

The SEO community largely ignores image optimization. This is due to the focus on text-based content and link-building tactics. Yet, images are an essential part of any website. They help break up the monotony of text and add visual interest. They can also improve ranking and conversions. The competition provides a venue to explore image SEO tactics. And it provides a professional development opportunity to learn from others in the industry.

Image SEO King is a small team of internet marketers specializing in SEO testing. The group views this contest as another testing opportunity. Their new website features many colorful images. The near image-only approach leaves little chance for other SEO tactics to influence rankings.

"A 24-hour ranking competition is tough. But we are excited about the opportunity to try out a few things and see what happens. It is fun to crash a little competition like this and learn a few things along the way," Witcher said.

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