Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement Lawyer Shares Information On New Law

Roselle, IL based JMQ Law would like to reach out to the public and shed light on a new law in Illinois, the SAFE-T Act (HB 3653).

Under the SAFE-T Act, the Secretary of State is no longer allowed to suspend or refuse to reissue licenses based on financial issues alone. Some examples of financial issues that were used as grounds to suspend licenses in the past include ticket fines and fees, traffic fines and automated camera fines. Now, any ticket fine and fee cannot be used to suspend licenses. This is extremely important for the people of Illinois as this eliminates suspensions that have been left on the driving records of hundreds of thousands of Illinois drivers. Additionally, the former system of suspension based on financial issues made employment and economic stability harder to seek and achieve. It created a vicious cycle where those who could not pay to remove their suspensions were then not able to work to earn a living. JMQ Law is glad to see that this long-standing issue has now been resolved thanks to the SAFE-T Act.

JMQ Law is dedicated to helping Illinois drivers get their licenses reinstated. They understand just how difficult it is for people to have their driver's license taken away, which is why they have been helping Illinois drivers get their driving privileges back for more than 22 years. The past 22 years has given them a great deal of experience, which they have used to create a swift, efficient, and rigorous process for helping people drive again. They thoroughly prepare Illinois drivers for hearings that are held in front of the Secretary of State. Their effective process and thorough preparation has helped them have a high percentage of approvals for their clients. JMQ Law has helped thousands of Illinois drivers have their driver's licenses reinstated and out of state clients with a revoked Illinois driver’s license.

JMQ Law may have a slightly different process for each client as they consider each individual’s unique situation. However, they also have a general process that they follow for every case. It begins with preparing a file and obtaining their client’s current Illinois driving history. Then, they order sworn reports, administrative hearing files and other information required for the hearings. Next, they review all of the information that they have before holding a phone appointment with the client. They will then send a packet that contains everything needed for the hearing to their client. They also conduct a hearing interview in their office to prepare the petitioner’s testimony and correct the needed documents.

The firm asserts that they are always present at the hearings and assist the client with any questions relevant to obtaining an RDP or driver's license from the Secretary of State upon approval. More information about JMQ Law’s services and their process can be found on their website. Those interested may also view the company Facebook page for more information.

Those looking for a trusted and experienced law firm to help them get their driving privileges reinstated are welcome to visit the JMQ Law website for more details. They may also contact JMQ Law for a free consultation or connect with the firm’s representatives through their preferred social media platforms.


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