Iguana Removal 305 Reveals the Signs of Raccoons on Property in New Blog Post

Iguana Removal 305, an iguana removal company based in Miami, FL, has recently released a blog post that reveals four telltale signs of the presence of raccoons in the home. Some people may want to have raccoons as pets but the problem is they have sharp teeth and claws and can cause damage to the home and may even harm family members. They might tear through drywall, roof tiles, and even the wooden support beams.

Marcos Fernandez, owner of Iguana Removal 305, says, “Although raccoons have an adorable appearance, they’re still wild animals and shouldn’t be taking over your home. When raccoons invade your home, they’re there for a couple of main reasons. They’re looking for shelter and food. Unfortunately, raccoons can cause damage to your property so it’s best to know the signs of raccoons and have a professional raccoon removal service come in to help free your home of these masked bandits. Check out our latest blog post to know about the 4 telltale signs of raccoon on your property.”


The first signs to look for are, of course, visible signs of damage to parts of the home. It is a good idea to check the attic and see if there is any damage to wooden structural beams, insulation, and electrical wiring, particularly those found in the attic.

Another sign to look for are holes in the foundation. These holes are sure indications that certain wild animals have been entering the home. As the outside temperature decreases, raccoons and other animals like mice and squirrels will seek warmer places and if it turns out that one’s home has gaps and holes where they can go through, they will likely get in for the warmth and for food. These holes in the foundation are possible points of entry so it would a good idea to check if there are any smudge marks or feces in and around these holes as these are signs of raccoons in the home or yard.

A third sign of raccoons in the home is the presence of nesting materials. These materials can be leaves and twigs but they can use almost any material for their nest, such as fabrics and insulation that they often find in the attic.

It is also a good idea to check if there are any strange noises in the attic. Such noises may be an indication of the presence of a raccoon in attic, especially at night when they begin to move around and look for food. If people will listen closely, they just might hear the footsteps of the raccoons or their nails scratching on the attic floor. The sounds may become louder when raccoons fight each other, even emitting sounds just like the meows of kittens. It is also possible to hear them running and turning over trash cans as they scavenge for food.

Iguana Removal 305 is a company primarily focused on iguana removal in Florida but they also provide raccoon removal services. Iguanas are common in Florida because of its subtropical climate and there is a dearth of natural predators to keep the iguana population under control. There are many ways of getting rid of iguanas and some people may want to try them, especially since iguana termination is not illegal in the State of Florida. However, the state has anti-cruelty laws that make it illegal to cause the iguana to suffer during the extermination process. For example, it is illegal to poison, freeze, or shoot them with an arrow. In addition, after killing an iguana, the body must be disposed of properly. For those who simply want to capture an iguana, it is illegal to release them in other places in Florida. And a person will need to have a license to possess a live iguana. Iguana Removal 305 can let the homeowner have peace of mind in the assurance that experts will take care of the iguana removal properly. In addition, they also provide raccoon or nuisance wildlife removal services in Miami.

When in need of raccoon removal Miami residents can check out the Iguana Removal 305 website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are actively growing their business and accepting new clients.


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