Icarus Behavioral Health Provides Heroin Addiction Treatment

Albuquerque, New Mexico -

Icarus Behavioral Health, a rehabilitation center based in Albuquerque, NM, would like to reach out to local residents who may be in need of heroin addiction treatment. New Mexico as a whole is in dire need of such services, especially with Albuquerque being particularly hard hit by the opioid use epidemic. Cheap black tar heroin has flooded the state, for instance, and Icarus Behavioral Health would like to make themselves available to anyone in the area who might need their help. As one of the top centers for opioid use disorder treatment, Icarus Behavioral Health has made it their duty to help the affected members of their community to take their lives back and achieve lasting sobriety.

Heroin is not the only substance that New Mexico residents need to be wary of, however. Fentanyl, a deadly and rapidly spreading drug, has already claimed a number of lives across the country. The drug is now being added to black tar heroin, causing a rise in overdoses (and overdose-related deaths) across both New Mexico and the rest of the nation.

“Drug abuse and addiction can be difficult to overcome on your own, particularly with heroin,” says Icarus Behavioural Health. “Becoming addicted to opiates or participating in frequent use are hard habits to break, which cause you to experience harmful effects on your physical and mental health. The goal of heroin addiction treatment is to lessen discomfort and set you on the path to lasting recovery. If you are struggling with any form of substance abuse or addiction, then you deserve to have accessible treatment options to make your recovery process as comfortable as possible.”

Many people struggle with improver use or overuse of street drugs and prescription drugs, especially opioids like heroin. One of the first steps to preventing and treating substance abuse or addiction is to ensure that everyone is informed about the effects, symptoms and possible treatment methods. At Icarus Behavioral Health, the team committed to preventing heroin addiction and abuse by providing accurate information about the drug and offering high quality, supportive care to clients along their road to recovery.

Heroin is, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a type of opioid drug made from prescription painkillers like morphine. It often comes as a fine white or brown powder which the user then takes into their body by snorting, smoking or injecting. Like other drugs sourced from opium poppy plants, it has painkilling and euphoric properties, and it is highly addictive. Black tar heroin is a very popular form of heroin, made by chemically removing the opium from poppies until it turns into a sticky, brown, tar-like substance.

Users have also begun shifting their attention toward fentanyl, a cheaper, more accessible and deadlier alternative. Fentanyl has become incredibly common across the United States, pushing out black tar heroin and claiming thousands of lives along the way. Icarus Behavioral Health is ready and waiting to provide the care and assistance that those dealing with addiction to black tar heroin or fentanyl need to lead happy, healthy lives — free from opioid dependence. Icarus has a number of resources aimed at educating people about fentanyl withdrawal symptoms on their website. Visit to read more about the substance and its effects.

There is a difference between heroin abuse and heroin addiction, the center says, even if the two may seem alike on the surface. Icarus explains, “Substance abuse and substance addiction may seem similar at a glance. However, they are two different things that offer various effects and consequences. In simple terms, heroin abuse makes you feel as if you are after the euphoric effects of the drug and need it to enjoy yourself and unwind. Meanwhile, suffering from heroin addiction will make you feel as if you cannot function properly without consuming the drug. In short, heroin abuse mainly involves the overuse or misuse of the drug for recreational purposes. You can stop using the drug, but it would be a difficult process to perform on your own. On the other hand, heroin addiction prevents you from living your life without the drug, as it is a necessity. Your physical and mental health may eventually reach a point where the heroin cravings are too much to handle on your own. You reach a point where you are willing to go through extreme measures to satisfy the cravings. In turn, you could cause harm to yourself and those around you.”

Addiction and abuse are two very difficult obstacles to overcome alone, but with the help of Icarus Behavioral Health, it is indeed possible to succeed. Those interested may read more about Icarus and their music therapy for substance abuse treatment as well as a number of other treatments and approaches on their website. Conversely, interested parties may contact the clinic directly for assistance if they or a loved one require professional assistance in dealing with substance abuse.

A syringe with black tar being drawn up shows the need for heroin addiction treatment at Icarus Behavioral Health


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