Icarus Behavioral Health Explains the Symptoms of Alcoholism, Its Treatment, and the Withdrawal Symptoms

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Icarus Behavioral Health, an alcohol and drug rehab facility in Albuquerque, NM, has released a trio of new resources on alcoholism to serve as a guide for people or their loved ones struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD) in Albuquerque and the entire state of New Mexico. These are articles on the symptoms of alcoholism, its treatment, and withdrawal symptoms, and the side effects of detoxing.

Knowing the signs of alcoholism is vital to making people who are struggling with alcoholism or AUD become aware of their problem so that they may be encouraged to seek help. These symptoms may not always be apparent because alcoholism is not just about much a person drinks, it can also be about how frequently a person drinks, the specific response of the individual to the alcohol, and the symptoms experienced when trying to stop drinking.

The symptoms of alcoholism and effective alcohol treatment for Albuquerque can be found at Icarus Behavioral Health

Alcoholism or AUD is a pattern of alcohol use that can lead to problems. These may include: the inability to control one’s drinking, a preoccupation with alcohol, and continued drinking in spite of having problems because of it. Those who feel the need to drink more just to get the same effect or are starting to have withdrawal symptoms may be suffering from an AUD and are encouraged to contact Icarus Behavioral Health for assistance. They can offer a no-cost evaluation that is entirely confidential and without any obligations.

A spokesperson from Icarus Behavioral Health says, “When alcohol use becomes unhealthy, it means that your safety is being put at risk. It may also be causing other alcohol-related problems. Should you be binge drinking this can also be considered an alcohol-related problem. If you or someone you love needs professional help, then contact the compassionate staff at Icarus Behavioral Health to learn more about our programs for recovery from even the most severe alcohol use disorders.”

Meanwhile, alcohol withdrawals happen because alcohol has a depressive effect on a person, which means it slows down brain function and the nervous system. After a certain duration of drinking alcohol, the central nervous system of that particular person can adjust to having alcohol in the body at all times. The body will urge the brain to remain awake and the nerves keep sending signals to the brain. If that person suddenly stops drinking alcohol, the brain will keep getting those signals and this is what causes withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal include: tremors in the hands; fast heartbeat; high blood pressure; dilated pupils; fever; and fast breathing. But it is important to note that alcohol withdrawal will be different for everyone, and the severity of the symptoms will depend on a variety of factors. Some people may not even realize they require help until they experience the withdrawal symptoms. Treatment for alcoholism or AUD may depend on the quantity of alcohol that a person drinks, how frequently that person drinks, and any other co-occurring disorders that may be present.

Withdrawing from alcohol can feel like a dreadful experience, and it can even be fatal. Unmanaged withdrawal can be dangerous, and the person concerned may need medical care to ensure safety while undergoing detox. During medical detox, the patient will work with doctors who will prescribe the appropriate medication and help the patient manage the withdrawal process.

Icarus Behavioral Health had made it their goal to become the preferred substance abuse treatment provider for the residents of the state of New Mexico. And indeed, they were able to achieve this leadership status in behavioral healthcare by providing the best possible customized and evidence-based treatment for a broad range of substance use and mental health issues. They have also managed to take advantage of the inherent benefits offered by the attractive views in New Mexico and the Southwestern United States to enhance and augment their clients’ journey towards recovery. Because of their in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of their community, in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and also throughout the Southwest, they also serve as an essential resource for maternal mental wellness or mental health.

Those who are interested in learning more about alcohol abuse treatment can check out the website of Icarus Behavioral Health, or contact them on the telephone.


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