Icarus Behavioral Health Explains the Dangers of Black Tar Heroin, Meth and Other Drugs

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Icarus Behavioral Health, an alcohol and drug rehab facility in Albuquerque, NM, has recently published three articles related to drug addiction, with a special focus on tar black, which is a drug that is not often mentioned in the news. The second article is about the comedown that results from abusing meth and the third article is a guide on finding a fentanyl rehab center that is nearby. As always, those who are struggling with an addiction to heroin, meth, fentanyl or any other kind of dangerous substance, or have a loved one who has an addiction, are encouraged to contact the team of professionals at Icarus Behavioral Health.

Black tar heroin is a crudely manufactured heroin from the chemicals extracted from the opium poppy that is cooked down by inexperienced chemists, resulting in a sticky brown substance. Because fentanyl is a much more profitable substance to produce, the illegal drug trade has focused on it, which has made black tar heroin much more difficult to find. Although fentanyl is technically more potent than heroin, those who are addicted to opioids tend to prefer heroin because it provides more euphoria and is a much more enjoyable drug for them to do.

Black tar heroin, also known as

While people from various parts of the world have been using black tar heroin, its use has been on a downtrend since the mid-2010s. But this decline is due to the drug cartels shifting their focus on fentanyl, which is much cheaper for them to produce and thus more profitable. With fentanyl, they no longer have to plant poppy crops. All they have to do is purchase in bulk the precursor chemicals from China and have the Mexican chemists synthesize fentanyl. Thus, while it may seem like good news that black tar usage is declining, this is only because it has been mostly replaced by fentanyl use. Whether people or their loved ones are struggling with their addiction to heroin or fentanyl, they are encouraged to contact Icarus Behavioral Health for guidance on how they can get on the road to recovery.

Meanwhile, those who abuse methamphetamine typically experience a meth comedown after the end of a binge. This usually lasts from a few days to a few weeks. This is because meth is an “upper” and the brain no longer functions normally. After binging with meth, the addicted person experiences the opposite of being up and may start to have hallucinations and may talk with people who aren’t real. They may develop insane paranoia and anxiety. And aside from the damage to the brain, meth can have physical side effects, such as hair loss, tooth grinding, scratching, and more. Meth users often have meth sores resulting from meth crystallizing under the skin, which results in a lot of irritation. Affected individuals feel like there are spiders or mites crawling all over them.

To make the meth comedown a littler easier, it is recommended for the user to get professional help. Meth users will need to undergo detox before they can go to a recovery facility. Going through a meth detox or comedown on their own can be very dangerous since there have been people who have harmed or even killed themselves as a result of the hopeless and uncomfortable feeling.

Icarus Behavioral Health had made its sole mission to become the top substance abuse treatment facility for the residents of the state of New Mexico. And indeed, they have been able to attain such leadership status in behavioral healthcare by offering the best possible personalized and evidence-based treatment for a wide variety of substance use and mental health issues. They have also managed to take advantage of the intrinsic benefits provided by the amazing views of the natural attractions in New Mexico and the Southwestern United States as a way to boost and augment their clients’ experiences as they move towards recovery. Because of their in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of their community, in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and also throughout the Southwest, they are also able to provide a vital resource for maternal mental wellness or mental health.

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