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Albuquerque based Icarus Behavioral Health, would like to inform Albuquerque residents of their drug rehabilitation services. The rehab center primarily helps people who are suffering from dependency on various substances. Since they rely on evidence-based practices and maintain an excellent client to staff ratio, Icarus Behavioral Health is widely considered to be a new pinnacle for New Mexico rehabilitation centers. They recently published an educational article on the abuse of benzodiazepine and how abuse of the prescription drug class could have serious ramifications thanks to the dangerous withdrawal symptoms users tend to exhibit. See more here: Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque.

“Benzodiazepines are within the classification of sedative drugs,” the article says. “They are extremely potent relaxants and have a calming effect but are also very addictive. They are most frequently prescribed to treat disorders such as anxiety, insomnia and seizures. The powerful effects of these drugs mean that benzodiazepine addiction has become all too common among users. Benzodiazepines are often prescribed to help with muscle relaxation or be part of a treatment plan for alcohol recovery. Despite these legitimate uses of prescribed benzodiazepines, misuse and addiction to benzodiazepines can be very dangerous and even deadly.”

Some of the more common brand names of benzodiazepines include Xanax, Librium, Valium and Niravam, among others, and many of these can be found in many households across the country. The abuse of these prescription drugs is described as a misuse of medication that is meant to help with mental health disorders. This means that often those who take said medication in large quantities or over a longer period of time than recommended by a doctor may be considered to be abusing the drug. Using benzodiazepines in this way also leads to the individual rapidly developing a tolerance to the drugs, eventually producing strong cravings when the individual in question does not have access to the drug — in turn leading to a compromised quality of life.

The article says that it is important to recognize the symptoms of benzodiazepine abuse as this can help an individual get themselves or a loved one the help they need. For those who do become addicted, however, recovery is possible. The article says, “Long term recovery from benzodiazepines is possible, but in order to achieve this, you must understand the different benzodiazepine abuse risk factors. Benzodiazepines are known to be extremely addictive, both due to their chemical properties as well as the sedative effects. Someone who uses benzodiazepines may start because they have a medical disorder, and are prescribed the drug initially. Over a period of time, this can lead to a serious habit, but a doctor will typically not over-prescribe benzodiazepines. Sometimes though, due to anxiety and developing tolerance, even if following the right instructions, a benzodiazepine addiction and use disorder may still be able to develop. However, there are prescription diversion methods, which can be even more dangerous.”

Benzodiazepine withdrawal is caused by a gradual rewiring of a brain’s chemical circuitry, which can lead to uncomfortable, potentially fatal symptoms when the user attempts to quit. Severe withdrawal symptoms can only be addressed by a medical team, which is why it is generally better not to quit all at once but rather to taper off. This leads to less severe withdrawal symptoms.

Icarus Behavioral Health’s article also talks about medically assisted detox for benzodiazepines, the process of eliminating substances from the body with medical help administered by medical professionals. Getting through the withdrawal symptoms is a challenge for everyone who has to endure it, but a committed medical team makes the process many times easier.

When being treated for benzodiazepine in Albuquerque, there are a few vital steps that everyone can expect to go through. The first of these is the check-in and evaluation. When a patient arrives at the Icarus Behavioral Health Center, they begin with a medical evaluation to determine the severity of the dependency. Following this, the patient goes through detox. Through this process, the benzodiazepine is flushed out of their system. Finally, the patient goes through post-detox recovery where they are taught the skills they need to continue to live a life of sobriety.

For more information on drug tapering and more, visit Icarus Behavioral Health’s website. If preferred, clients and other interested parties are welcome to get in touch with their Admissions team directly by phone at any time of day or night.


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