Huge Business Opportunity Offered By Best Health Consultant In Auckland

Kerry Dell of Auckland, New Zealand based Keps Health is pleased to offer the community access to their very own Bio Wellness Business Start-Up Package. This ‘complete business in a box’ will allow virtually anyone to get a company started and running in a very short period, with expert training and guidance provided by Dell herself.

Many who are interested in a BioWellness business package will also want to learn more about Dell and her long experience in the field. To begin with, she sees herself as an enthusiast and lifelong student of the journey to total wellness and balance through natural remedies. Dell believes that the secret to a long, healthy and cherished life lies in the natural world and everything it has to share, and only those who are open to exploring these offerings will truly be able to make use of them. Dell explains that one reason she is able to run a successful alternative and holistic health service is that many more people are learning about these possibilities and the immense potential that lies within their grasp. Everyone wants to live better, and they are becoming better at opening themselves to experiencing everything the natural world truly has to offer.

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However, Dell acknowledges that she is only one person whose reach is limited. No matter how hard she works, the number of people she can help will always be constrained to a finite number. In light of this, she has chosen to share the benefit of her experience in the field and give others the opportunity to do the same via her company’s BioWellness Business Package, of which there are several options. Dell has been in the field for more than 20 years, and this has culminated in her status as a Natural Health Practitioner, Health Coach and Certified WildFit Coach, so she has much to teach to anyone who is willing.

As an aside, she is proud to share that she was the WildFit 2019 Coach of the Year. While her focus has since shifted to teaching other people to launch their own businesses and become more independent while helping others, she actively incorporates everything she learned with WildFit about discipline, training and more into her own programs. The immediate benefactors of this are her students (and eventual partners in healthcare), who tend to greatly appreciate being able to discuss their concerns with such a learned mentor.

Each Bio Wellness Business Package has the following: 17D Life Resonance Intelligence System, Quantum Magnetic Resonance Machine, Majic Rife Machine, Installation & Training on all equipment by Lee Marais, Bio Wellness Business Certification on completion of training, Certification in Professional Health Consultant (including Therapeutic Herbalism; Understanding Your Body; Knowing your Health Supplements; A Balanced Lifestyle; Being Successful in the Health Industry; Understanding Ailments) and so on.

They will also receive Full Body Insight training modules by Dr. Tay JuLee, Health Business Coaching by Kerry Dell, Weekly training meetings for one year, FAQ on equipment and cases studies and a professional Marketing & Sales Team for no fewer than six months. Notably, those who believe they will require the services of the Marketing & Sales team for a further six months (for a total of one year) are advised to opt for the Standard Bio Wellness Business Package.

However, Dell understands that there will often be kindred spirits who are just as committed to naturopathic healthcare as she is. These individuals will require much more attention since they will be looking to expand the scope of their knowledge as much as possible — and Dell is pleased to share that she will indeed be matching their enthusiasm.

Those who are confident they can take the business and healthcare world by storm are advised to select the All-inclusive Bio Wellness Business Package. In addition to combining all the training and tools provided in the other packages, the All-inclusive offers Individual Monthly Business Coaching with Kerry Dell for a full year and training on the power of Epigenetics to ‘step into the emotion of the end result to create their new identity.’ Dell explains that this will entail them taking the correct actions in their business journey and life so they can magnetically move towards your true goals — and earn bonuses at the same time.

Further details are available on the Keps Health website. Kerry Dell can be reached for more information as well. Visit Us On Facebook for the latest updates and announcements.


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