HPV Singles In The UK Can Now Find Love On Meetpositives.com

Meetpositives.com is a dating platform created to give people with lifelong infections a chance at love. These infections include HIV, herpes and HPV. Most people living with these infections do not have the courage to disclose their STD status. When they do, some of them get rejected and do not want to date again. This is the reason why Meetpositives.com was created. It facilitates safe HIV dating UK, and herpes dating UK. Recently, the company has announced they will be providing HPV singles in the UK a chance to find other interesting UK HPV singles.

According to one of the members on the HPV dating platform, “When I met my boyfriend, he was a private person especially when it came to his genitals. I always thought this is how a man should be because I never knew much. But one day as we were getting intimate, I noticed a few warts on his penis and when I asked he got angry and the intimate moment faded away. The next day he apologized and told me that the warts were not a big deal since they were not contagious.

“A few months into the relationship, I started noting a pimple-like thing in my vagina. I did not take it seriously because it was just a pimple and it did not cause me any pain. When I told my best and closest friend about the pimple, she told me to go see a doctor because it could be serious. The doctor told me it was condyloma. I was given medication to eliminate the pimple but with time another one appeared. I decided to go to our family doctor and after examinations and tests, it turned out I had HPV, and the doctor told me that ‘condyloma’ was just a fancy name for genital warts. I couldn’t believe what my boyfriend had put me through so I left him. The doctor assured me that with treatment, the warts could be managed and I agreed to follow any prescribed medication from his clinic. Today, my life is as normal as it was before the infection and I am looking forward to getting back to the dating world.”

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