How To Taper Off Alcohol the Subject of a New Serenity Lane Intensive Outpatient Services Blog

Serenity Lane Intensive Outpatient Services of Eugene seeks to help people struggling with addiction in as many ways as possible. In addition to providing highly respected addiction treatment services in Oregon, this facility also does such things as post helpful blogs on its website that contain important addiction recovery information. One of the latest is a blog titled ‘How to Taper Off Alcohol’.

In this Serenity Lane’s alcohol and drug treatment services blog, it started by saying that they recognize that when someone is experiencing alcohol dependency it can be a very trying time for them and those that care for them. Alcohol abuse is something that eventually will consume more and more of a person’s life and start to impact their time, budget, and daily life in many negative ways. It also suggested that the best way for someone to start to lessen or end altogether their dependency on alcohol is to first consult with a medical professional with experience in this matter; because after the body gets used to taking in large amounts of alcohol daily it can be dangerous to a person’s health to just immediately stop consuming alcohol.

The recent blog also described alcohol as a central nervous system depressant and a substance that reduces arousal and stimulation. It also comes into contact once consumed with almost every part of the body including the heart and other major organs. This Serenity Lane Intensive Outpatient Services also described several ways that a person can slowly and safely lessen or end their dependence on alcohol. These steps include creating a list of reasons why someone feels they need to reduce or stop their drinking, setting drinking goals, keeping a drinking diary, and getting rid of all the alcohol in their homes. Also recommended in the blog was to drink slowly and drink nonalcoholic beverages, take days off from drinking, and avoid situations where a person may be subject to peer pressure that causes them to drink more. It was also mentioned in the blog that people struggling with alcohol dependency should seek out alternative stress reduction forms such as sports and other physical activities and be consistent in their efforts to lessen or end their dependency on alcohol.

Some of the treatment services that Serenity Lane Intensive Outpatient Services of Eugene provides in addition to those centered around alcohol dependency include help for those struggling with cocaine, benzodiazepine substances, meth, and heroin addictions. Those seeking help from this addiction treatment center also have several forms of rehabilitation services available to them at this facility such as day treatment (also known as partial hospitalization), medically supported withdrawal programs, and a wide variety of other inpatient and outpatient services.

Reviews of this facility’s addiction services have been highly positive. Kyle Duyck stated, “Excellent staff, beautiful campus, and a great atmosphere for healing. The folks at Serenity Lane are very professional and hard-working. Although expensive, the reputation of this clinic is well deserved. If it weren't for this establishment and the people who administrator it, my life would have gone in a dramatically different direction... And one not for the better.” Monique J. Cook expressed, “I was fortunate enough to be a patient at Serenity Lane and enter the EXSL program. It saved my life! If you are sick, please don't hesitate to call you are worth it. A huge thank you to all the amazing staff for loving me!” Stephanie Ballard proclaimed, “I was there, released mid-Dec 2017. All I can say is I am beyond amazed. I got fixed, dare I say I'm cured. It took some help from Serenity Lane Village to be able to say that. But I'm on the other side of my addiction! Thank you, Laurie.”

Serenity Lane’s alcohol and drug treatment services are CARF (The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) certified. That means they are an addiction treatment care facility that has proven to adhere to very high rehabilitation standards. Those looking to see more helpful addiction-related blogs or that would like more information on Serenity Lane’s addiction treatment services can do so by referring to this facility’s website.


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