How James & James Enabled the Global Reach of Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morocco Gold has revealed how James & James Fulfilment, a company based in Northampton, UK, has helped their Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil reach the whole world through the use of the James & James ecommerce fulfilment services. Morocco Gold is a high quality extra virgin olive oil obtained from a unique new source in the foothills of the Atlas mountains located in Morocco. Their olive oil is exported to the UK where it is bottled and the product is then shipped to their main market in the United States for fulfilment and distribution to their various customers.

Morocco Gold’s initial decision to launch their product as an Internet product turned out to be the right one despite the Covid-19 pandemic during the past two years. While many businesses were finding the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic to be very challenging, for Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it turned out to be the reverse. For the year 2020-21, their customer base, units, and orders quadrupled, with the year 2021-22 also indicating a similar growth, with about 50 percent of the orders coming from repeat customers. However, this success would not have been possible without the help of their key strategic partners, including their distribution and fulfilment partner, James & James Fulfilment.

Morocco Gold has been working with James & James since the latter part of 2018. A spokesperson for Morocco Gold, says, “Although our primary market is the USA which is serviced by their facility in Columbus, Ohio, we have also now delivered Morocco Gold from their Northampton fulfilment centre all around the world, from Japan, Singapore, and the Far East, to the Middle East, to Hawaii, Canada and throughout Europe. We cannot praise the James & James operating system highly enough, also, the ongoing help we receive from their customer services team. James & James have truly enabled Morocco Gold to bring this exceptional extra virgin olive oil to health-conscious food lovers – worldwide.”

Morocco Gold Olive Oil comes the groves located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The soil conditions of the Beni Mellal region, combined with the hot winds from the Sahara and the mild winters and summers of Beni Mellal, provide the ideal growing conditions for the Morocco Gold olives. Using only natural and traditional methods, the olive olive maintains its distinctive flavour. Plus, Moroccan women make up about 43 percent of the agriculture labour force in Morocco.

The James & James UK fulfilment services will handle everything that is related to ecommerce fulfilment, from the storage of the items, to the pick up, packing, and despatch of online orders, the handling of customer returns. This allows online sellers to outsource their order fulfilment to James & James and they can work on other things. Aside from helping online sellers improve on their order fulfilment, James & James also allows them to reach customers around the globe because their fulfilment centre is part of a wider network that spans two continents and keeps adding new locations.

Founded in 2010, James & James Fulfilment was designed to be the first, digital-native fulfilment house in the UK. James Hyde, who is the CEO of the company, is an engineering graduate from the University of Cambridge. He realized the problems with ecommerce fulfilment while working as an online honey seller and saw this as an opportunity. He co-founded the company with friend and fellow Cambridge graduate James Strachan.The company provides outsourced fulfillment services to independent retailers, by utilising its unique technology and processes. With James Hyde’s love of evaluating problems and then thinking of how to enhance things, James has guided the company into becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK.

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