Hove Marketing Consultants Quantum Business Dynamics Releases Free Guide To Help Businesses Manage Their Online Reputation

Brighton and Hove Digital Marketing Consultants, Quantum Business Dynamics, have released a guide that details the steps that businesses need to take to ensure they have a clean and spotless online reputation. Readers can request the report to read it for themselves by heading over to the link: https://qbdynamics.co.uk/reputationreport.

The report notes that a business’s online reputation can have a tremendous effect on its bottom line. How a company is perceived by the public can mean the difference between it attracting customers to ensure it keeps its lights on and completely capitulating in response to customer indifference. Online directories and review sites such as Google and Yelp are the gatekeepers that allow users to post testimonials for businesses. The reviews are publicly available and are usually the first thing that prospective customers encounter when they try to find a business online. This is akin to making a first impression and if the online reviews are negative, it will lead to a severe hit to the number of customers who are willing to give the company their business.

FREE Guide - Earn A 5-Star Reputation Online

The report from Quantum Business Dynamics cites statistics that make it abundantly clear how important online reviews are to a business’s reputation. A UC Berkeley study found that a restaurant whose rating goes from 3.5 to 4 stars on Yelp is 30 to 49% more likely to sell out its evening seats. It also references a real case study where Speedy’s Tacos from Sunnyvale, CA, increased annual revenues by almost $100,000 when its rating went up from 3 stars to 4 stars on Yelp. These case studies are reflective of other statistics highlighted in the Quantum Business Dynamics report such as 97% of consumers read online reviews to find a local business, 89% of customers look at reviews before making a buying decision, and 74% of consumers trust a company more if they read positive reviews.

George Ogunsiji, Business Growth Strategist at Quantum Business Dynamics, talks about how review platforms and their algorithms play a role in influencing a business’s online reputation by saying, “Yelp’s algorithm tends to downplay the reviews that come from accounts that don’t have profile pictures, don’t have a substantial review history, don’t have friends or a social following, or are not detailed enough. You can change this by inviting the patrons and customers who enjoy your service to write more reviews, make friends in the app, and connect to their other social channels. Once you have positive word of mouth going from accounts that look like they are invested in and cognizant of the local industry that you are competing in, your business will be in a far better shape.”

The report details five important steps that businesses can take to ensure they can ride the wave of good reviews to a profitable bottom line. This includes finding the platforms that a business’s potential customers are most likely spending their time on, having an updated account on each, flagging spammy or blatantly falsified reviews, repeating this process every week, and having strategies ready to increase customer engagement and address negative reviews. The report then quotes a case study about a business that managed to achieve the aforementioned targets by hiring a reputation management professional, such as those at Quantum Business Dynamics, and also managed to radically increase customer traffic and interest in less than a year.

Before engaging a consultant to manage and market their reputation George Ogunsiji recommends that businesses ask the consultant a number of key questions. These include (i) what are the exact steps that they will implement to market the business’s online reputation, (ii) what sites are of most interest to the industry that the business is serving, (iii) how will the analytics be measured, (iv) what is the breakdown of the fees they are charging, and finally, (iv) do they have any respected industry references as proof of their expertise and professionalism.

Readers who want to find out more about how Quantum Business Dynamics can help manage and market a business’s online reputation can contact the company at +44(0)1273 917434 or by email: info@qbdynamics.co.uk.


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