Houston-Dallas Bullet Train Project Gains Momentum

Residents in Houston and Dallas will be pleased to learn that the highly anticipated Houston-Dallas bullet train just took another step towards real-world implementation. This is due to the fact that Texas Central Rail and Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. recently entered into a contract for just this purpose. While the project’s expected completion date is set for 2026 or 2027, this bodes well for future travelers who want to experience high speed, convenient travel between the two cities.

The system will cover a distance of 240 miles between North Texas and Greater Houston, taking passengers between two of the state’s biggest metros in approximately 90 minutes. At the moment, only a single intermediate stop has been planned in Brazos Valley, which many will appreciate.

Texas Central Rail, as some may be aware, is a local high-speed rail developer, and Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. is among the oldest infrastructure building contractors in the region. The new contract will see Kiewit taking responsibility for the completion of various safety and systems elements, from communications equipment to traction power and signaling. Given that efficient (and safe) train operation relies heavily on operators being able to coordinate with each other, this is an extremely crucial part of the project. Kiewit, however, is known for having worked on many other projects of similar magnitude, including other prominent rail transportation systems in other parts of the country.

This progress comes as welcome news for many in the area, especially those who need to travel frequently between Dallas and Houston. In fact, several businesses have even started blogging about the project as they eagerly await its conclusion. While the rail has been expected for quite some time, the actual progress of the project was severely impacted by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges it presented, especially regarding safety. Now, however, the vaccination rollout and many other aspects of the push against the virus may have contributed to the companies’ decision to move forward with their plans. As such, excitement has begun to build anew despite the wait.

Among these community bloggers is the Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys law firm, which observes that speedier travel between the two destinations has long been wanted by the community. The firm looks forward to the expected economic surge that this project will bring, such as the addition of thousands of new jobs in the North Texas area. The firm refers to Texas Central Rail’s figures, which suggest that the project may generate an estimated 17,000 jobs during the six years of its construction, 20,000 supply chain jobs and more than 1,400 permanent jobs once the train goes online in its full capacity. Some may even appreciate the fact that this system may make a daily commute from one city to the other more feasible.

Given that Texas Central Rail has also said that they expect their project to have a direct cumulative economic impact of $36 billion over the next 25 years, the firm looks forward to seeing various communities flourish under these circumstances. This is one reason they have chosen to blog about the subject and share the good news with their readers.

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