House Of Beò Commits to Bring Scots High Quality Ethically Sourced Home Decor & Fashion Products

House Of Beò, a Scotland-based brand specializing in home décor, apparel, and skin care products, has announced the launch of its new website.

A spokesperson for the company explains what House Of Beò stands for as a brand by saying, “House Of Beò is a Scottish concept store, uniting environmental awareness with home decor, fashion, and lifestyle. Based in Scotland, Beò takes inspiration from the wild country around us. Beò hopes to create an entwinement of beautiful things with a conscious effort to have minimal impact, by working with local businesses who share values in creating a zero-waste life.”

Stylish Home Decor

House Of Beò focuses on quality products that are manufactured in accordance with its belief in having the least possible impact on the environment. As a result, the company only carries a minimal amount of stock so that it doesn’t contribute to the devastating effects of the mass manufacturing industry around the world. The company has also taken a stance against animal abuse and promises that the fibers used in its apparel and stylish home decor are certified by groups such as the Responsible Wool Standard, The Good Cashmere Standard®, and more.

All its products are ethically sourced. It even goes so far as to avoid sourcing products made in China, the haven for low-cost manufacturing which is notorious for the use of poorly paid labor, sometimes even children, to drive down the prices of goods. As of 2022, none of the products that customers will find on the online shelves of House Of Beò have been made or shipped from China.

The spokesperson then talks about its policy to only put up ethically manufactured items for sale by saying, “It would have been very easy for us to find products made in the third world by its unfortunate residents for whom working long hours in dangerous conditions is the only way to eke out a living. It certainly would have helped our bottom line to find items made for pennies and to sell them to you for a massive markup. However, it would weigh heavy on our conscience to exploit those on the bottom rungs of the heavily unjust world order that remorseless capitalism has forged. Moreover, the parts of the world which focus on manufacturing also have poor environmental standards as the race to the bottom requires sacrificing the natural resources a nation has. It affects all of us, even though we are on the other end of the globe, thousands of kilometers away. As our customers, we are confident that you wouldn’t want to save a few pounds if it meant perpetuating this vicious cycle of environmental destruction and human abuse. So, as a responsible brand, House Of Beò only brings you items that you can buy without any guilt about their manufacturing and the origin of their raw materials. We only make available high-quality products that are made by workers making living wages and do not harm the local ecosystems. That is the House Of Beò promise.”

House of Beò is offering its entire collection of environmentally conscious lifestyle products for sale online. The main product categories on the website include home décor, tableware, apparel, skincare, gifts, and candles. It even has separate sections for customers to browse new arrivals and seasonal products such as Christmas gifts.

House Of Beò states on its website that is fully committed to recycling and reducing waste. To achieve its goals of sustainable business practices, the brand reuses packaging materials whenever possible and only sources eco-friendly reusable and/or recyclable versions of other packaging materials. For example, all its card packaging and paper have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

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