Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours Offers Tours of Rome

London, England -

Tour bus company Hop On Hop Off Rome has announced that they have tours of the famous Italian city available for visitors to book on their website. The company primarily offers open top bus tours on a day pass pass system so passengers can get on and off the bus as much as they please during the period when their pass is valid. Hop On Hop Off operates bus tours in major cities around the world, and has a variety of other activities and specialized tours available as well, both of their own design and in partnership with other tourism related companies in the cities they serve.

In Rome, the options include a variety of bus tours of the city, as well as day trips to Milan or Naples that include round trip train tickets and a day pass to the Hop On Hop Off Bus tour of the chosen city. The trip is taken via high speed train, promising the minimum possible travel time for the maximum possible exploration time in Naples or Milan. These tours also include a Sightseeing Experience app which can guide visitors on a walking tour of the city as well as provide real time positions of buses for planning purposes.

While in Rome, tour options include the IOBUS tour, Big Bus tours, and the City Sightseeing Rome Bus Tour, which visits nearly all of Rome’s most famous tourist attractions. Guests on this tour will visit the Roman Forum in the heart of town, which served as an area for public affairs to take place related to commerce, economy, religion, politics, law, and society. This tour also stops at the world famous Roman Colosseum, an oval theater known for its use in gladiator battles and more. For a brief period of time, the basin of the Colosseum was even filled with water to stage mock navel battles, which, like the gladiator battles, tended to be rather deadly events. Later in the City Sightseeing Bus Tour, visitors will see the Saint Peter Basilica, a Renaissance era church located in Vatican City. This church is the heart of Catholicism, and is said to be the burial site of the first Pope, St Peter. Another well known church visitors to Rome can visit is Santa Maria Maggiore, which houses the revered image of Salus Populi Romani, and serves as an excellent example of Roman art and architecture.

Another Rome Open Bus Tour option offered by Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours is the Green Line tour, which also visits many of the top sites in Rome that tourists want to see. The Green Line has eight strategically placed stops, so tourists can visit such popular destinations as Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia, and Villa Borghese. The Green Line Bus Tour has audio commentary available in 13 languages, from English and French to Chinese, Hindi and Arabic. They also have a multilingual tour guide on every bus to help guests with questions and more. With the Green Line Tours app, guests on the Green Line can easily access information about the route and stops, as well as suggestions for points of interest that people might want to see. All buses are sanitized per current COVID-19 protocols, and guests are encouraged to wear a mask while on board for the safety of the other travelers.

Readers who are interested in learning more about Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours and the tours and activities they offer in Rome and in major cities around the world can visit the company website at www.hop-on-hop-off-bus-tours.com. This website acts as a one-stop portal for all tour needs, with information about all of the tours the company offers and allows customers to book any tour or activity offered through the company on one simple website. For an unforgettable tour experience with panoramic views and a flexible itinerary, tourists can book tours with Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours to see the best of what any city has to offer.


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