Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours Offers Tours of London Landmarks

London, England -

London Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours has announced that they have a variety of bus tours available for visitors to the Great British capitol. Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours offers a seamless sightseeing and transportation experience by running by running buses along designated routes with stops at all the most popular tourist destinations in London. As the name suggests, guests can join the bus tour at any stop along the route and then “hop off” when they’ve reached their next destination. This allows guests to tour the city and it’s attractions at their own pace, while still providing them the convenience of a scheduled tour bus visiting all the best spots. In addition to transportation, Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours also provide a prerecorded audio guide in multiple languages that provides tourists information about everything they see while riding the buses. Each of these tours has been carefully and professionally crafted with the audience in mind, all with a goal of providing a variety of flexible, fun, exciting opportunities for people to explore cities around the world. On their website, the company offers a one stop portal to all of the over 300 tours and organized activities they have available in major cities around the world, including their London sightseeing bus tours and tours in Rome, Barcelona, New York City, and more.

To further facilitate the enjoyment of their guests, Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours has a variety of vehicles in their service, including open topped double decker buses that provide a full view of the city in all directions. Their TooTBus tour of London with a Thames River Cruise uses one of these open top buses, and also includes passage on the Thames River Cruises run by City Cruises. For these tours, the river cruise operates in much the same way as the Hop On Hop Off buses, as visitors can start the river cruise at any of the available piers including Westminster, London Eye, and the Tower of London pier. Guests of this tour get hop on, hop off access to the river cruise as well as the TootBus, and can switch between the bus and the cruise at will for the duration of their Hop On, Hop Off pass. This means visitors to London can take a bus to Westminster, get on the river cruise to the Tower Pier, and then get back on their bus at the Tower of London stop, to see a part of the city from the aquatic perspective. English and French audio guides for adults and children are available both on devices on the bus and through the Tootbus app which guests can download on their own phones.

At Hop On Hop Off London, tickets are available for a 1, 2 or 3 day period, allowing guests to explore the city at their own pace, whether that’s a one day whirlwind trip to all the sites, or spreading out their visits to their favorite spots over a few days to fully savor the experience of each of them. They do their best to plan a number of activities that can appeal to a number of different travelers, from the young solo traveler to families with young children. The Big Bus Tour option has over 40 stops across multiple routes, and can include a river cruise, a night tour to see the city in the dark, and a walking tour of Buckingham Palace that includes a chance to watch the changing of the guard. They even have a “Little Legs Kid’s Walk” which takes the route from Westminster Bridge to Trafalgar Square, and has live tour guides telling stories, jokes, and facts about the city to entertain and inform kids and parents alike. As Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours is built for the modern traveler, guests don’t even need to worry about printing their ticket. Tours accept mobile vouchers in addition to paper vouchers, for the convenience of every guest on all their tours.


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