Honey Pot, Wallet Cleaning, Phishing, Floor Covering Pull or Siphon Pump-And-Dump, Named Top Decentralize Finance (Defi) Fraud Crypto Tactics In 2022

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Santa Clarita, California. NFTOrbitor.com has released a report on some of the top fraudulent tactics in the cryptocurrency space for 2022. Some of the tactics are new to the space while others have been around since before cryptocurrency was born.

The report covers several aspects of the decentralized space to include cryptocurrency and the different angles that con artists can take to approach you. To accomplish this the report identifies what decentralized finance is as well as the attraction that investors and fraud artist have for it.

top crypto fraud tactics for 2022

“Most people have never even heard of some of these fraud and con tactics until they are victims themselves,” stated Raul Meza, content director at NFTOrbitor.com. “It doesn’t help that investors who are new to this space don’t even have a basic working knowledge of defi. They just want to invest quickly because they fear that they are missing out on all of this crypto that is supposedly making other people rich.”

The report goes on to explain the pros and cons to defi investing and the reason it is so easy to fall prey to so many schemes. To help inform its readers, NFTorbitor.com also lists and defines some of the top fraud tactics that are being reported at the moment.

“Common sense can really go a long way in protecting you and your hard-earned money,” added Meza. “People want to believe so badly that some of these opportunities are real that they overlook often easy to spot warning signs. They don’t want to believe that theft can happen to them.”

More information on this subject can be found at NFTOrbitor.com which also hosts a video on the top crypto fraud tactics of 2022.

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